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info from  . Hello, I am trying to trace any details of the Kelly and Rose families who lived in Bombay area in the early to mid 1900’s. Also connected families were Ross, Claudius and Fenwick. The Kelly’s were in part a railway family and lived in Byculla Railway Quarters for a time (Berkeley Buildings), as well as for periods of time in Kalyan, Igatpuri, Bhusaval, Amroti and Badnera. Some of the children attended St Mary’s School and St Agnes Convent School in Byculla. Any links based on these threads would be gratefully received!? Stewart Jarvis


?? ROSE married  ??, children:

  1. John Samuel Rose (b?  d 1962)

Next Generation

John Samuel ROSE (b?  d 1962) married Clara Marie ? (1883 to 1945), Children:

  1. Marie Antoinette Rose (Patricia) (b 1901, d 1960)

  2. Audrey Rose

  3. Barbara Rose

  4. Kitty Rose

  5. Zena Rose

  6. Olga Rose (b 1918)

  7. Teresa Marie Rose (b 15 Jul 1922, c 23 Aug 1922 Bhusaval)

Next Generation

Marie Antoinette ROSE (1909-1934) married Thomas William KELLY (b 1901, d 1960, was a train driver on the Indian Railways before heading to England in 1950), they had two children both of whom now live in England:

  1. Teresa Kelly (b 1929 Byculla)

  2. Mervyn Kelly (b 1931 Kalyan)

Barbara ROSE married Trevor Bruce CLAUDIUS (b 1930), 1 daughter:

  1. Cheryn Ann Claudius (b 1955, d 2014) married Elias Almedia (b 1948) and had two children: Diana and Olaf

Kitty ROSE married Herbert A ROSS. They had three children, all of whom now live in UK:

  1. Antony Ross

  2. Michael Ross

  3. Pamela Ross

Zena ROSE married Samuel Judah



Francis ROSE married  ??, children:

  1. Francis Frank Rose (b 1841)

Next Generation

Francis Frank ROSE (b 1841) Sub Engineer PWD, of Aurungabad, married ?, children:

  1. Constance Laura Alberta Rose (b 1870)

Francis Frank ROSE Sub Engineer PWD, of Aurungabad, (b 1838) widowed, at 40yrs on 5 Jun 1878 in Aurungabad married 20yr Louisa RANSON, (b 1858, d 22 May 1889 Akola, Madras, daughter of Thomas Staton Ranson) children:

  1. Frank Albert Ranson Rose (b 11 May 1879, c 5 Jun 1879 Aurangabad)

  2. Lillian Rose Johanna Rose (b 7 Jun 1880, c 24 Jul 1880 Aurangabad)

  3. Violet Esther Elizabeth Rose (b 22 Jan 1882, c 12 Feb 1882 Igatpuri, Bombay)

  4. Daisy Maria Louisa Rose (b 2 Mar 1883, c 30 Mar 1884 Buldana)

  5. Myrtle Millicent Irene Rose (b 1 Apr 1884, c 13 Apr 1884, d 30 Mar 1888 Aurangabad)

  6. Ernest Lionel Hubert Rose (b 7 Oct 1885 Aurungabad, c 22 Jan 1886)

  7. Victor Oswald Gerald Rose (b 16 Nov 1886, c 26 Dec 1886 Madras)

Francis Frank ROSE Sub Engineer PWD, of Aurungabad, (b 1838) widowed, at 50yrs on 6 Apr 1891 in Jubbulpore married 25yr Mary Francis HARCOURT (b 1866, daughter of Charles Harcourt)


Next Generation

Constance Laura Alberta ROSE (b 1870) at 19yrs on 12 Jul 1889 in Madras married 31yr Frederick George WELLS (b 1858 son of George Wells)


Lillian Rose Johanna ROSE (b 7 Jun 1880, c 24 Jul 1880 Aurangabad)  at 23yrs on 29 Apr 1903 in Jubbulpore married 26yr Denis Stanislaus FORDE (b 1877 son of Henry Forde)


Ernest Lionel Hubert ROSE (b 7 Oct 1885 Aurungabad, c 22 Jan 1886) on 9 Sep 1925 in Poona married Grace Annie GARDINER (b 1892 daughter of Arthur Butler Gardiner)


Victor Oswald Gerald ROSE (b 16 Nov 1886, c 26 Dec 1886 Madras) at 25yrs on 10 Apr 1912 in Bombay married 20yr Robina Millicent Evelyn Savage NEWELL (b 1892, d 31 Dec 1912 Sewri, age 20, daughter of Joseph Edward Savage Newell), children:

  1. Denis Maxwell Frank Rose (b 31 Dec 1912, c 12 Jan 1913 Bombay)

Victor Oswald Gerald ROSE (b 1886) widowed, at 28yrs on 18 Nov 1914 in Bombay married 21yr Millicent Gertrude SARSON (b 1893, daughter of William Sarson), children:

  1. Phyllis Lilian Rose (b 14 Aug 1915, c 17 Sep 1915 Bombay)

  2. Beryl Doreen Rose

  3. Joan Yvonne Rose (b 3 Sep 1923, c 1 Oct 1923 Bombay)

Next Generation

Beryl Doreen ROSE on 9 May 1942 in Abbottabad married Karl HEVER (son of Herman Hever)



Oswald Frederick ROSE married  ??, children:

  1. Harold Edward Rose (b 1902)

Next Generation

Harold Edward ROSE (b 1902) at 23yrs on 26 Dec 1925 in Calcutta married 21yr Esther Julienna PELLY, (b 1904, d 1952, daughter of Albert Ebenezer Pelly). children:

  1. Harold Dunstan Rose (b 13 Mar 1929, c 7 Apr 1929 Calcutta)

  2. Eunice T Rose

Harold Edward ROSE (b 1902) married Margaret Gladys ?, children:

  1. Neville Eric Rose (b 2 Jan 1932, c 20 Jan 1932 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Eunice T ROSE in 1958 in Wandsworth, London married William T ABBEY, children: 

  1. Sonya Abbey (born 1966, Croydon, UK)


info from Nigel & Errol Rose 


?? ROSE married  ??, children:

  1. Joseph Rose

Next Generation

Joseph ROSE married Elizabeth STEVENS: children:  

  1. Benjamin Rose

  2. ?? Rose

  3. ?? Rose

Next Generation

Benjamin ROSE married Catherine LANNEY (daughter of Michael Lanney), Children

  1. Robert Rose

  2. Dennis Rose (b ? d in Pakistan)

  3. Ernestine Rose

  4. Eugene Rose

  5. Anna Bridget Rose

  6. Sinclair Andrew Rose (b 1907 Madras d 1978) migrated to Pakistan (before partition)

 Next Generation

Dennis ROSE married ?? Children

  1. Helen Rose

  2. Marjorie Rose

  3. Phyllis Rose

  4. Raymond Rose

  5. Avril Rose

  6. Conrad Rose 

Ernestine Leone ROSE married Joseph Henry RAMSEY,  Children

  1. Horace Ramsey

  2. Cedric Ramsey

Eugene ROSE married Noel CHAPMAN Children

  1. Richard Chapman

  2. Charles Chapman

  3. Jennifer Chapman

 Sinclair Andrew ROSE from Nagpur (b 1907 Madras d 1978) migrated to Pakistan (before partition) married Sheila INNIS Children

  1. Kevin Rose

  2. Nigel Rose

  3. Clyde Rose

  4. Brian Rose

  5. Duane Rose

  6. Errol Rose


Seeking information about this family.Belinda Carpenter

?? ROSE married ??, children:

  1. Robert Fredrick Rose – Born in India approx 1880 (to a Scottish Father)

Next Generation 

Robert Fredrick ROSE Born in India approx 1880 (to a Scottish Father) Was a Civil engineer who worked on the concrete irrigation channels on the plains of the Punjab, married Lelite JACKSON One of 7 children with names all starting with “L”  (Lionel, Leonard, Linette Jackson etc). Robert Fredrick and Lelite Rose had 2 sons.  The family migrated to New Zealand after independence.

  1. Robert Leonard Rose (Len)b1909

  2. Roley ? Rose – b approx 1911

Next Generation 

Robert Leonard ROSE (Len) married ??,  2 children born in New Zealand.

  1. Robert (?) Rose

  2. Virginia Lelite Rose – Born 1941

Next Generation 

Virginia Lelite ROSEBorn 1941 married  ?? , children:

  1. Belinda


info from Judith D'Souza

My paternal grandmother, Mavis Rose, was the child of Mabel (nee D'Costa) and Arthur Rose (a first generation Anglo Indian). We don't know much about their parents or siblings i.e. Mabel's and Arthur's. They were both from Calcutta. I would like to trace Cecelia Rebello, Mabel Rose nee D'Costa and Arthur Rose's family.


?? ROSE married  ??, children:

  1. Arthur Rose

Next Generation

Arthur ROSE married Mabel D'COSTA, both from Calcutta.  children:

  1. Mavis Rose


info from

I am trying to find some cousins of mine; their name was Rose; there is Daphney, Anna Charlotte and Zena; their dad is Gilbert and their mum is Alma; Gilbert is a brother of my mum, who passed away three years ago, her name was Sheila Rydqvist; if anyone knows of my cousins could you give me some information please. My name was Carole Rydqvist, i married Desmond Paul who i am sorry to say passed away two years ago. My cousins used to live at 19, Ripon Lane Calcutta. From what i have learned my grand father on my mothers side was originally from Ireland. he was sent to Calcutta during the Indian uprising centries ago; he married my grand mother who was Burmese, her name was Vera Constance, they went on to have five children Alick Gilbert Edna Sheila (my mum) and zoe(biddy) i am trying to find out more about the name Rose, so if anyone has any idea could you please get in touch with me. I am also trying to contact any Rydqvists out there to help fill in a few gaps in the family tree; my father was Charles Rydqvist he worked for the railways in asansole(sorry if the spelling is wrong)if there is anyone out there who knows any Rydqvists please get in touch; my e-mail address is Thanks for taking time out to read this, hope to hear from you soon. Bye, Carole.


? ROSE married  Violet ??, children:

  1. Gilbert Rose

  2. Sheila Rose

Next Generation

Gilbert ROSE from Calcutta married Alma ??, used to live at 19, Ripon Lane Calcutta, children:

  1. Daphney Rose

  2. Anna Charlotte Rose

  3. Zena Rose

Sheila ROSE married Charles RYDQVIST, children:

  1. Carole Rydqvist


info from & Terence James Verma

Arthur Adolphus ROSE married Constance Elizabeth D'SENA, children:

  1. Desmond Rose

  2. Carlton Rose

  3. Derrick Arthur Rose

  4. Helga Rose

  5. Noreen Rose

  6. Teresa Philomena Rose (Gilly)

  7. Dagmar Rose (Guggan)

  8. Claudette Rose (Bunty)

Next Generation

Derrick Arthur ROSE (b1934, Ajmer) married Ivy Ruby COLLACO (b1942,bombay) on 1964 Children:

  1. Harold Rose (b1965, Lucknow)

  2. Shaline Rose(b1967, New Delhi,)

  3. Richard Rose(b1969, New Delhi)

  4. Darly Rose  (b1972, New Delhi)

  5. Adolphus Rose(b1975, New Delhi)

  6. Kenneth Rose (b1980, Agra)

  7. Melvin Rose  (b1982, Agra,)

     (info from Harold Rose )

Teresa Philomena ROSE (Gilly) married Prem Shankar Verma, children:

  1. Terence married Loraine, children: Brendan, Petrina.

  2. Leonard married Ingrid, children: Andrew, Janet

  3. Vivian married Neelo, children: Taruna, Trisha

  4. Christopher married Jacquiline, children:Mikhail, Raoul, Rayhaan

Next Generation

Harold ROSE (b1965, Railway Hosipital Lucknow) married Ratika MARK (b 1974,Delhi) on 25/07/1992 Children:

  1. Noel.N.Rose(b1997, New Delhi)

  2. Joel.J.Rose(b2005, New Delhi)


info from 

?? ROSE married ??, children:

  1. Victoria Lucy ROSE (b1913, lived in Bangalore, d Perth 6/6/1996)

Next Generation

Victoria Lucy ROSE (b Rangoon 1913, lived in Bangalore, d Perth 6/6/1996) married ?? ANDREWS, children:

  1. Toni,

  2. Adele,

  3. Teddy,

  4. Dimples

  5. Glenn

also Alma, Joyce & Joe


info from Malcolm G Heppolette

?? ROSE married ??, children:

  1. Elisabeth ROSE

Next Generation

Elisabeth ROSE married Emmanuel HYPPOLET in 1845, India. Children from this second marriage of Emmanuel were

  1. Harriet,

  2. Rachel,

  3. John Edward,

  4. Jane,

  5. Alexander,

  6. William Alexander

  7. Edwin Emmanuel.


information provided by Christopher Rose

?? ROSE married ??, children:

  1. Owen Rose (b Ajmer)

  2. Christopher Rose (born in Bandiqui, now living in Canada

Next Generation

Owen ROSE (b Ajmer) in 1959 married Audrey PHILLIPS (b Bandiquie) in India, children:

  1. Colin Judge Rose (born in Bandiqui, now living in Mississauga Canada)

  2. Jacqueline Mary Rose (born in Bandiqui, now living in Mississauga Canada)

  3. Cyril Gerard Rose (born in Bandiqui, now living in Canada)

Christopher ROSE (b Bandiqui, now living in Canada) married Joyce PRESTON in 1997 in Scarborough, CANADA, NO CHILDREN

Next Generation

Jacqueline Mary ROSE married Claver PEREIRA in 1985, now living in CANADA, THEIR CHILDREN,

  1. Joanna Pereira (born Baroda, now in Canada)

  2. Alistair Pereira (born Baroda, now in Canada)

Cyril Gerard ROSE married Jackie D'CRUZ in 1995, now living in CANADA, THEIR CHILDREN,

  1. Deanne Rose (born in Canada)

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