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Info from Catherine Kelly : Hi, I'm trying to trace the Kelly family who lived in Pune (Poona) in 1940's before moving to Calcutta, McLeod Street. The parents were Henry and Gladys and the children were Barbara, Hugh, Coleen, Kathleen, Pamela and Maurice. Appreciate any help! Catherine Kelly


?? KELLY married ??, children:

  1. Henry Kelly

Next Generation

Henry KELLY married Gladys ??, children:

  1. Barbara Kelly

  2. Hugh Kelly

  3. Coleen Kelly

  4. Kathleen Kelly

  5. Pamela Kelly

  6. Maurice Kelly


info from CHARMAINE BERNADETTE FENWICK and  . Hello, I am trying to trace any details of the Kelly and Rose families who lived in Bombay area in the early to mid 1900’s. Also connected families were Ross, Claudius and Fenwick. The Kelly’s were in part a railway family and lived in Byculla Railway Quarters for a time (Berkeley Buildings), as well as for periods of time in Kalyan, Igatpuri, Bhusaval, Amroti and Badnera. Some of the children attended St Mary’s School and St Agnes Convent School in Byculla. Any links based on these threads would be gratefully received!? Stewart Jarvis


John KELLY married Caroline ??, children:

  1. Thomas William Kelly (b 1901, d 1960) was a train driver on the Indian Railways before heading to England in 1950

  2. Percy Kelly (may have been adopted and later changed his name to Edwards??)

  3. Dorothy Kelly

  4. Florence Kelly

  5. ‘Charlie’(not sure of Christian name) Kelly

When their mother Caroline died the boys were apparently put in a RC Boys School and Orphanage in Nagpur.


Next Generation

Thomas William KELLY (b 1901, d 1960, was a train driver on the Indian Railways before heading to England in 1950) married Marie Antoinette ROSE (1909-1934), they had two children both of whom now live in England:

  1. Teresa Kelly (b 1929 Byculla)

  2. Mervyn Kelly (b 1931 Kalyan)

Dorothy KELLY married Edward Alexander FENWICK, HAD ONE SON

  1. GEORGE WILLIAM FENWICK (b 12 Sept 1922 Igatpuri, India, d 1 July 1991)

Florence KELLY married Frank Oswald FENWICK (b 1894, d 1976), children:

  1. Isa Fenwick married Mel Augustus

  2. Olive Fenwick married Charlie Cecil Daniels (b 1910).

Next Generation

Teresa KELLY (b 1929 Byculla) married Clifford Reggie JARVIS (b1922-d1978), four children:

  1. Stewart Thomas Jarvis


info from

?? KELLY married ??, children:

  1. Daniel Kelly

Next Generation

Daniel KELLY (Sergeant Major of the Corps at Hauzrebaugh) married in 1825 at  Kanpur Elizabeth HOTTINGER (b.1807 Cawnpore), Their son

  1. Daniel George KELLY b.1826 Hauzrebaugh/Hazaribagh

Next Generation

Daniel George KELLY married in 1850 at Ambala Elizabeth ANDREWS, Their daughter

  1. Emmeline KELLY b.1860 Allahabad

Next Generation
Emmeline KELLY married in 1874 at Allahabad Frederick DUCASSE



info  from

?? KELLY married ??, children:

  1. Lorna Ruth KELLY (born 12/12/1922, Surat, India)

Next Generation

Lorna Ruth KELLY (born 12/12/1922, Surat, India) on 08/09/1943 India, married Walter Craig LIEBENHALS (born 05/11/1911, Calcutta, India) Children

  1. Dudley Craig Liebenhals born 18/09/1944,  Ratlam, MP, India

  2. Sydney Charles Liebenhals born 25/09/1948, India


?? KELLY married ??, children:

  1. Eulis Kelly

Next Generation

Eulis Caryl KELLY married Sampson Charles MITCHELL, daughter :

  1. Lesley  Athene Kelly (born 2/8/1947)


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