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?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. James Mitchell

Next Generation

James MITCHELL married ?, children:

  1. Francis Mitchell (b Oct 1816 Madras)


?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. John Mitchell

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John MITCHELL married ?, children:

  1. John Mitchell (b 1836)

Next Generation

John MITCHELL (b 1836) at 26yrs on 6 Sep 1862 in Bangalore married 18yr Matilda Jane KEMPSON (b 1844 daughter of John Kempson), children:

  1. May Rachel Mitchell (b 14 Jun 1863 Bangalore)


Could you tell me if you have had any links to a Peter FONCECA who married Rebecca and lived in Lucknow. Peter had two sisters (i thnk)one of whom was called Harriett FONCECA. This brother and sister would have been born in the late 1800's. Harriett married an Alexander MITCHELL and had three living children - Henry (1925), Amilia (born 1927), and Gladys (1929). My grandfather - Alexander MITCHELL was a proof reader at the Pioneer Press - Allahabad and married Harriett FONCECA, had 3 children by the names of Amilia, Henry, & Gladys. He came out to India with his brother during the Indian Mutiny around 1814. Many thanks. Audrey LYONS-RAWLINS

?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. Alexander Mitchell

  2. ?? Mitchell

(Both brothers came out to India during the Indian Mutiny around 1814)


Next Generation

Alexander MITCHELL married Harriett FONCECA, children:

  1. Henry Mitchell (b 1925)

  2. Amelia Violet Mitchell (b 2 Apr 1927 Allahabad)

  3. Gladys Mitchell (b 1929)


(Info supplied by John SUTTON )

(William Somerville MITCHELL (Snr) graduated from Edinburgh University in 1800 and was appointed Assistant Surgeon in India (Madras) in 1801, he was nominated by a Mr Elphinstone. He was promoted Surgeon in 1814, appointed Naturalist and Botanist  2nd October 1819 and died the following month at Fort St George. William taught medicine to a Rajah at Tanjore, at the Rajah's request to the Government of India. I don't know who the Rajah was.)

?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. William Somerville  Mitchell

Next Generation

William Somerville MITCHELL married Ann MORRISON, they had a son :

  1. William Somerville Mitchell  (b 11 Feb 1807 Tanjore, Madras).

  2. William George Dudley Mitchell (b 31 Oct 1807 Cawnpore)

William MITCHELL on 9 Sep 1816 in Madras married Elizabeth MORRIS


William Somerville MITCHELL  on 15 Jul 1826 in Madras married Eliza BARNES, children:

  1. Mary Catherine Barnes Mitchell (b 15 May 1829 Masultpatam)

  2. Eliza Rozanna Miotchell (b 10 Oct 1831 Nagpur)

  3. Sarah Catherine Mitchell (b 27 Sep 1837 Secunderabad)

Next Generation

William Somerville MITCHELL (b 11 Feb 1807 Tanjore, Madras) on 17 Jul 1850 in Madras married 20yr Fanny COATS, (b 1830 daughter of Mathew Coats) Son

  1. Thomas Somerville Mitchell (born 1881)

William Somerville MITCHELL  (b 11 Feb 1807 Tanjore, Madras) widowed at 60yrs on 27 Jun 1867 in Madura married 29yr widow Lydia Rebekah CARTER (b 1838, d 19 May 1868 Madura, daughter of Charles Rudolphus MARTIN)


William Somerville MITCHELL  (b 11 Feb 1807 Tanjore, Madras) widowed at 63yrs on 16 Jun 1870 in Madura married 31yr widow Hermina Wilhelmina BURLEIGH (b 1839 daughter of Jacob Gideon Swansigur)


Mary Catherine Barnes MITCHELL (b 15 May 1829 Masultpatam) on 5 May 1853 in Secunderabad married Henry BURTON (son of Thomas Burton)


Next Generation

Thomas Somerville MITCHELL married Clara BROWNE, son

  1. Edward Murray Mitchell (28/1/1884 - 7/6/1965).

Next Generation

Edward Murray MITCHELL married Matilda Eugene MOORE, son

  1. Sampson Charles Mitchell (born 19/12/1917)

Next Generation

Sampson Charles MITCHELL  married Eulis Caryl KELLY, daughter

  1. Lesley Athene Mitchell (born 2/8/1947)

Next Generation

Lesley Athene MITCHELL married Calven John SUTTON, sons

  1. Julian Sutton 

  2. Lewis Sutton


?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. L. Mitchell

Next Generation

L. MITCHELL married ?, children:

  1. Frances Mitchell

  2. Mary Adelaide Mitchell (b 1881)

Next Generation

Frances MITCHELL on 21 Jun 1862 in Madras married Josiah HOBDAY (b 9 Nov 1823 Bangalore, son of Josiah & Anne Hobday), children:

  1. Helen Hobday (b 5 Jan 1864 Bellary, Madras)

  2. Kathleen Hobday (b 20 May 1865 Madras)

  3. Frances Hobday (b 15 Sep 1867 Madras)

  4. Adeline Hobday (b 24 Mar 1870 Madras)


Mary Adelaide MITCHELL (b 1881) at 20yrs on 29 Apr 1901 in Vepery married 32yr Clarence ROZIER (b 1869 son of J Rozier), children:

  1. Catherine Adelaide Rozier (b 15 Mar 1902, d 26 Apr 1903 Madras)

  2. Arthur Frencis Rozier (b 14 May 1903, d 21 Mar 1904 Madras)

  3. Josephine Antonette Rozier (b 8 Jun 1904 Vepery)

  4. Cecil Alban Anthony Rozier (b 27 May 1906 Madras)

  5. Enstance Bernard Rozier (b 8 Mar 1908 Madras)

  6. Merlin Antoniette Rozier (b 28 Mar 1911 Madras)


?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. Richard Mitchell

Next Generation

Richard MITCHELL married ?, children:

  1. Hugh Mitchell (b 1841)

Next Generation

Hugh MITCHELL (b 1841) at 34yrs on 22 Apr 1875 in Madras married 16yr Mary AUROKIAM (b 1859 daughter of Maliapen)




info from  Mark Mitchell

?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. Peter Mitchell (born in the UK)

Next Generation

Peter Mitchell from the UK an army officer, married  ??, children:

  1. Steven Richard Mitchell (born 1911 Fort St George, Madras)

  2. Harry Mitchell

  3. John Mitchell

Next Generation

Steven Richard Mitchell Chartered Accountant (b1911) married Ida ??. Children:

  1. Nelson Mitchell (b at St Francis Xavier Church Parry’s Madras 1931.)

Next Generation

Nelson Mitchell married Clementina TULLY they had three children.

  1. Preston Anthony Mitchell

  2. Richard Angelo Mitchell

  3. Mark Nelson Mitchell

Next Generation

Richard Angelo MITCHELL married Deborah JACOB

  1. Jared John Mitchell


?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. Albert Henry Mitchell

Next Generation

Albert Henry MITCHELL married ?, children:

  1. Albert Henry Mitchell (b 1916)

Next Generation

Albert Henry MITCHELL (b 1916) at 27yrs on 6 Feb 1943 in Cawnpore married 19yr Celia Laviolet FARRISS (b 1924, daughter of William James Mason Farriss), children:

  1. Celia Jennifer Florence Mitchell (b 20 Dec 1943 Agra)


info from Cynthia Shear

Hi, I am Cynthia - looking for descendants of my great grand mother's (Mary/Maria Antonio Mitchell) side of people- daughter of Felix Mitchell & Susanna Michael who passed away in Meerut (India). My great grand mother had a brother (Joe Mitchell), married to ? They had (I think) five children - Eric, Sebastian, Christina, Margaret & Magdnel( hope I have the names correct). I had heard, they had left for another country, where ? Anyone with any information may get in touch with me on this e-mail(

?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. Felix Mitchell

Next Generation

Felix MITCHELL married Susanna MICHAEL (d  Meerut, India), children:

  1. Mary/Maria Antonio Mitchell

  2. Joe Mitchell married ??, had 5 children ,? Eric, Sebastian, Christina, Margaret & Magdnel

Next Generation

Joe Mitchell married ??, had 5 children ,

  1. Eric Mitchell

  2. Sebastian Mitchell 

  3. Christina Mitchell

  4. Margaret Mitchell

  5. Magdnel Mitchell


info submitted by

?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. Marie Mitchell

Next Generation

Marie MITCHELL, married Charles NASH, children

  1. Andrea Nash


info from Bob MITCHELL

?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. George Mitchell

Next Generation

George MITCHELL married Hermoine (Amy) MISSELL (b ? d approx 1922), children:

  1. Ronald Basil Mitchell (Roy) born 1923

  2. Oscar Antiket MITCHELL

  3. George ? MITCHELL  

  4. Thelma ? MITCHELL

  5. Delphine ? MITCHELL, married ? Sidney, now resides in Croydon, London, UK.

Next Generation

Ronald (Roy) Basil MITCHELL, b1923, Rwaurie, married Joan Amelia BALLANTYNE, Bombay, 1944.  Children:

  1. Lesley Larraine Mitchell (b 1946)

  2. Robert George Mitchell , b 1950.

George MITCHELL married ??, children:

I am looking for any children of George, or any family connections to that generation.  I believe there were 3 children in George's family who would have been born in or about the 1950s and stayed on in India to at least 1970s.



info from

Albert MITCHELL (b ??) married Eva ?? (she was Burmese), children:

  1. John Mitchell

  2. Ian Mitchell

  3. Keith Mitchell

  4. Gena Mitchell

  5. Salvana Mitchell

  6. Wendy Mitchell

  7. Jean Mitchell

Next Generation

Ian MITCHELL married ?? (b ??), children:

  1. Myrl Mitchell


?? MITCHELL married ??, children:

  1. Charles Mitchell

Next Generation

Charles MITCHELL married ?, children:

  1. Alfred John Mitchell (b 1904)

Next Generation

Alfred John MITCHELL (b 1904) at 27yrs on 7 Sep 1931 In Calcutta married 20yr Vera Gertrude D'SOUZA (b 1911, daughter of Albert Joseph D'Souza), children:

  1. John Alfred Mitchell (b 29 Sep 1931, d 7 Nov 1932 Calcutta)

  2. Ian Malcolm Mitchell, (b 6 Jun 1934 Calcutta)

  3. Keith Trevor Mitchell (b 24 Jan 1936 Calcutta)

  4. Zena Cynthia Mitchell (b 27 Sep 1938 Calcutta)

  5. Errol Clifford Mitchell (b 15 Aug 1941 Calcutta, d 14 Jan 1944 Tollygunge)


info from


William Henry MITCHELL (born in Middlesex UK)  married Millicent Jane XAVIER (born in Madras), children:

  1. George Mitchell (died 1970, Calcutta)

  2. Frank Mitchell

  3. Archie Mitchell (died in India)

Next Generation

George MITCHELL (died 1970, Calcutta) married Phyllis Mildred STRONG (b 1922 Dongargah, migrated to Aust in 1970, taught in a number of schools, d 4/5/2000 Melbourne), children:

  1. Keith Mitchell

  2. Glynn Mitchell

  3. Gillian Mitchell

Frank MITCHELL married Majorie FERNANDES had 8 children. Migrated to the UK. Children are;

  1. Lynette Mitchell

  2. RoslynMitchell 

  3. Yvette Mitchell

  4. Norton Mitchell

  5. Cedirc Mitchell

  6. Rudolph Mitchell 

  7. Jenny Mitchell 

  8. William Mitchell

Next Generation

Keith Mitchell married Maureen HALL, and lives on the Gold Coast, Australia with his wife and  2 sons:

  1. Justin Mitchell

  2. Jerome Mitchell.

Glynn Mitchell married Carole ?? and is in London with his family, wife Carole and two sons:

  1. Paul Mitchell

  2. Simon Mitchell.

Gillian Mitchell married ?? STIFFLE, and is in Melbourne Australia with her family,

  1. Sonya Stiffle

  2. Jessica Stiffle

  3. Jude Stiffle.



info submitted by Jarrod & Corlia BELL

Catherine MITCHELL married Owen Clement BOODRIE (a fifer in the 2/15th Bengal Native Infantry) on the 2 Sep 1822 in St John's Cathedral, Calcutta, children:

  1. ?

  2. ?

My great great great grandmother was Catherine Mitchell. We do not know know much about the woman except that she married Owen Clement BOODRIE on the 2 Sep 1822 in St John's Cathedral, Calcutta. She was listed as being a spinster formerly resident at The Lower (Road?) Orphange School, Calcutta. Owen Boodrie was a fifer in the 2/15th Bengal Native Infantry, so he is certain have been an Anglo-Indian, and presume that Catherine was also. Does anyone have any further information about the Mitchell family in India? Please contact us at:   Jarrod and Corlia Bell



My name is Alex Scott MITCHELL. I was born on 04-18-1975. I would like to know more about my family history. My dads name is James Thomas MITCHELL, my grandfathers name is Alex Dallas MITCHELL. Can you get me on the right track on finding more about this, thank you.  Alex Scott Mitchell 



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