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info from Cheryl DuCasse cducasse@optusnet.com.au
My father was in the Royal Air Force and later transferred to the Indian Air Force.  As a result of this, we were posted almost all over India. We left India in 1967 and migrated to Australia and we now live in Melbourne.  Unfortunately my father passed away in 1993. I put my name down on your list because I was interested in making contact with anyone who knew us, or more particularly, my parents.

?? DuCASSE married ??, children:

  1. Melville DuCasse (b ?, was in the Air Force)

Next Generation

Melville DuCASSE (b ? d 1993) married Brynhild WHITE, children:

  1. Cheryl DuCasse

  2. Brian DuCasse


info from sandrad2712@hotmail.com

?? DuCASSE married ??, children:

  1. Frederick DuCasse

Next Generation

Frederick DuCASSE in 1911 married Lillian Victoria LIBONATI (b 1892, daughter of Tomaso Libonati, and granddaughter of Francesco (b.Montemurro, Italy) and Christina LIBONATI, nee LA SPINOSO, born Italy) children:

  1. Reginald (Rex) Ducasse  (b.1916 Allahabad)

Next Generation

Reginald (Rex) DUCASSE (b.1916 Allahabad) in 1938 in Calcutta married Evelyn Gertrude BARKER (b.1919), children:

  1. Yvonne Ducasse (twin b 1938) married ??, daughter: Sandra

  2. Shirley Ducasse (twin b 1938)

Next Generation

Yvonne DUCASSE (twin b 1938) married ??, daughter:

  1. Sandra

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