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Ivan's parents, Cynthis and Bertrum Rydqvist have both passed away now. His sister Sherryl is now in Australia with her daughter Ria. Nigel is in Australia too. Clifford is still in India..in Bangalore, with his wife and sons.


Bertrum RYDQVIST married Cynthis ??, children:

  1. Ivan Rydqvist (studied at St. Patricks School Asansol )

  2. Sherryl Rydqvist married ??, daughter Ria

Next Generation

Ivan RYDQVIST (St Pats school Asansol), in 1975 at Durgapur India, married Kathleen Helen HAYDEN (School: Loreto Convent Entally Calcutta 1963-70, Loreto College Loreto House Calcutta 1971-72, taught in Shillong in the Convent after my training in Loreto House for two years and at La Martinieres for a year(1973-74) now in Kent UK, 3 children:

  1. Craig Rydqvist

  2. Mark Rydqvist

  3. Scott Rydqvist.

Next Generation

Craig RYDQVIST married  Nicola TAYLOR and they have 2 children...

  1. Jack Rydqvist

  2. Ella Rydqvist.

Mark RYDQVIST married Clare RICKARD and they have a daughter:

  1. Olivia Rydqvist .



info from Carole C.paul261@btinternet.com  ,  phone 01634 374036

My name is Carole Paul, I was a Rydqvist; I want to get in touch with any other Rydqvist's so that I can add to the family tree; My father was Charles Fredrick and his father was also Charles; we lived in Calcutta India; Dad worked on the Railway and was for a time stationed at Asansol. If you have any problems with the e-mail address please try and phone me on 01634 374036, I am new to this e-mail stuff so please bear with me, I hope someone out there who is a Rydqvist will get in touch. I have family photographs of my great grand parents dt/ 1911. Lotty and Charlie Rydqvist.


Charles RYDQVIST married Lotty ??, children:

  1. Charles Fredrick Rydqvist (Jnr) (worked on the Railway and was for a time stationed at Asansol)

Next Generation

Charles Fredrick RYDQVIST (Jnr) from Calcutta (worked on the Railway and was for a time stationed at Asansol) married ??, children:

  1. Carole Rydqvist

  2. Calwyn Rydqvist

  3. Jimmy Rydqvist

  4. Kenneth Rydqvist (Decd)

  5. Colleen Rydqvist

  6. Linda Rydqvist

Next Generation

Carole RYDQVIST married Desmond PAUL from Chandni Chowk, Calcutta (decd)


( info fromC.paul261@btinternet.com  , am trying to find Darryl D'Cruze, he was a friend of my husband Desmond Paul and his brother Douglas Paul .Could Jessica Rydqvist please contact Carole Paul C.paul261@btinternet.com  to check on family tree information.)



info submitted by Larry Rydquist  rydquistl@aquinas.vic.edu.au 


?? RYDQVIST married ??, children:

  1. Fred RYDQVIST

Next Generation

Fred RYDQVIST married Olive RENAUD (latter killed in mine accident near Asansol in late twenties), children :

  1. William Rydqvist ( Laddie) born in Vizag 1922,

  2. Myrtle Rydqvist

  3. Addie Rydqvist

Next Generation

William (Laddie) RYDQVIST (born in Vizag 1922) married Dorothy CASEY from Arkonam (her father Joe was signal inspector on Southern  Railway. Laddie worked in the Bihar police and was stationed at Patna, Ranchi, Hazaribagh and Dhanbad before migrating to Aust in 1970. children:

  1. Lawrence Rydqvist (Larry, Smiler),

  2. Priscilla Rydqvist,

  3. Bonnie Rydqvist,

  4. Daphne Rydqvist,

  5. Betty Rydqvist

Next Generation

Lawrence RYDQVIST married Lorraine ROSEMEYER


Priscilla RYDQVIST married Brian SMITH


Bonnie RYDQVIST married Tony DAYTON


Daphne RYDQVIST married John CLEMENTS


Betty RYDQVIST married Brian DECLASSE


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