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Thomas Nicholls (gggf) m Jane Elizabeth Davis (gggm) their son Isaac Augustus Nicholls is my ggf and his son Isaac Vincent Nicholls is my grandfather.  Isaac Vincent Nicholls m Hilda Alice Eldred in Lahore and had 3 children (boys) Cyril Arthur, Clarence Percival and Herbert Nicholls.  I am looking for the family of my uncle Clarence Percival Nicholls b. 24.12.1923 who married a lady from Ipoh, Malaysia after WW2 who my dad was trying to find since 1950.  I have also lost touch with Herbert Nicholls' children Rudi, Coleen and George(?) known as pom pom as a child. I am the daughter of Cyril Arthur Nicholls.  Please contact me on if you know anyone mentioned here.  Thanks. Coleen 


Thomas NICHOLLS on 14 Aug 1850 in Chunar married Jane Elizabeth DAVIS, children:

  1. William Nicholls (b 24 Jul 1856 Peshawar)

  2. Edward Nicholls (b 18 Jan 1858 Lahore)

  3. Samuel Nicholls (b 16 Oct 1860 Dacca)

  4. Isaac Augustus Nicholls (b 22 Apr 1863 Dacca, d 28 Dec 1932 Allahabad)

Next Generation

Isaac Augustus NICHOLLS (b 22 Apr 1863 Dacca, d 28 Dec 1932 Allahabad) at 28yrs on 26 Aug 1891 in Benares married 18yr Mary Ernestine WILKINS, (b 1873 daughter of Samuel Wilkins) children:

  1. Elsie Jane Nicholls (b 9 Aug 1892 Khagole)

  2. Isaac Vincent Nicholls (b 26 Aug 1894 Dinapur)

  3. Charles Clifton Nicholls (b 2 Sep 1897 Allahabad)

  4. Ernest Walter Nicholls (b&d 4 Sep 1900 Allahabad)

  5. Allan Terence Nicholls (b 29 Aug 1904 Jubbulpore)

  6. Percival Stanley Nicholls (b 25 Apr 1906 Allahabad)

  7. Gerald Osborne Nicholls (b 30 Dec 1910 Allahabad)

Next Generation

Isaac Vincent NICHOLLS (b 26 Aug 1894 Dinapur) in Lahore married Hilda Alice ELDRED, children:

  1. Cyril Arthur Nicholls (b 30 Oct 1922, c 9 Dec 1922 Lahore)

  2. Clarence Percival Nicholls (b 24 Dec 1923, c 21 Feb 1924 Lahore)

  3. Herbert Stanley Nicholls (b 17 Mar 1925, c 5 Aug 1925 Lahore)

Gerald Osborne NICHOLLS (b 30 Dec 1910 Allahabad) at 25yrs on 26 Dec 1936 in Calcutta married 20yr Hilda May Anastasia RONDEAU (b 1916 daughter of Noel Osborne Victor Rondeau)


Next Generation

Cyril Arthur NICHOLLS (b 30 Oct 1922, c 9 Dec 1922 Lahore) married ?, children:

  1. Coleen Nicholls


I wonder if anyone knows of my family , Mom was born in Allahabad 1930 ,she had 2 sisters, Gladys and Audrey her fatherís name was George Nicholls and mothers name Margaret Nicholls, So Creiana married Colin Armstrong , Gladys married Denzel van Ristal, Audrey married Joe Rodrick, Hope someone can help me, Kind regards Pam


? NICHOLLS married ?, children:

  1. Thomas Nicholls

Next Generation

Thomas NICHOLLS married ?, children:

  1. Samuel Charles Nicholls (b 1870)

Next Generation

Samuel Charles NICHOLLS (b 1870) married Elizabeth WOODHOUSE ?, children:

  1. Thomas Charles Nicholls (b 11 Nov 1886 Rangoon)

  2. George Benjamin Vincent Nicholls (b 6 Dec 1887 Lucknow)

Samuel Charles NICHOLLS (b 1870) widowed, at 28yrs on 21 Nov 1898 in Insein, Burma, married 19yr Sophia Louisa Jessie MARTIN, (b 29 May 1866, d 11 Jun 1942 Lucknow, daughter of John Henry & Jessie Victoria Martin) children:

  1. Henry Martin Nicholls (b 8 May 1890, c 20 Jul 1890 Prome, Burma)

  2. Alfred Thompson Nicholls (b 17 Dec 1891, c 25 Jan 1892 Lucknow)

  3. Eric Clifton Nicholls (b 26 sep 1898, c 14 Oct 1898 Rangoon)

  4. Mary Edna Nicholls (b 25 Dec 1903)

  5. Ivy Maud Nicholls (b 29 Aug 1906 Allahabad)

  6. Myrtle Mildred Nicholls (b 29 Aug 1906, c 25 Sep 1906 Allahabad)

  7. Linda Nicholls

  8. Jessie Nicholls

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Next Generation

George Benjamin Vincent NICHOLLS (b 6 Dec 1887 Lucknow) at 29yrs on 31 Oct 1917 in Calcutta married 22yr widow Margaret Mary SMITH nee GREENWOOD (b 1895 daughter of W C Greenwood), children:

  1. Gladys Margaret Florence Nicholls (b 20 Jan 1918 Jubbulpore)

  2. Audrey Ida Nicholls (b 18 Apr 1919 Allahabad)

  3. Lloyd Carlton Nicholls (b 24 Mar 1923 Allahabad)

Alfred Thompson NICHOLLS (b 17 Dec 1891, c 25 Jan 1892 Lucknow) at 37yrs on 4 Jan 1929 in Moulmein married 22yr Maud Violet KIERNANDER (b 1907 daughter of Donald W Kiernander)


Eric Clifton NICHOLLS (b 26 sep 1898, c 14 Oct 1898 Rangoon) at 26yrs on 29 Oct 1924 in Rangoon married 26yr Eileen Winifred Bagshaw SUMMERS (b 1898 daughter of Frank Ernest James Summers)


Myrtle Mildred NICHOLLS (b 29 Aug 1906, c 25 Sep 1906 Allahabad) married Stanley Richard DOWDING, children:

  1. Philip R Dowding

  2. Sheila Louisa Mildred Dowding (b 12 Jan 1944, c 6 Feb 1944 Lahore)

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Next Generation

Gladys Margaret Florence NICHOLLS (b 20 Jan 1918 Jubbulpore) at 19yrs on 6 Mar 1937 in Deolali married Frederick John Roland JONES (b 22 Dec 1910 Loneola, son of Edgar William Roland & Millicent Jones)


Gladys Margaret Florence NICHOLLS (b 20 Jan 1918 Jubbulpore) at 20yrs on 28 Feb 1938 in Calcutta married 27yr widowed Percival Victor CLEMENTS (b 31 Oct 1909 son of Robert Miles and Mary Margaret Clements. Percival previously married Alice Mary SMITH on 11 April 1934 and had Hugh Neville Clements), children:

  1. Desmond Hiler Clements (b 24 Jul 1938 Allahabad)

  2. Colin George Clements (b 16 Jul 1939 Allahabad)

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