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  1. Richard GREENWOOD married ??, Child:

    John Edward GREENWOOD

Next Generation

John Edward GREENWOOD married Clementina Charlotte GORDON daughter of John & Frances GORDON. These are they children:

1) Sarah Clementina GREENWOOD
2) Henry Sutton Mitch GREENWOOD
3) Richard Frederick Killingley GREENWOOD
4) Emily Clara Gertrude GREENWOOD (died aged 1 year 7 months)
5) Hugh Gordon Edward GREENWOOD (died aged 4 years and 4 months)
6) Alice Maud GREENWOOD

Next Generation

Sarah Clementina GREENWOOD married David Pollard MONK son of Joseph & Isabella Elizabeth MONK. These are the children:

1) Chloe May MONK - married Vivian Osmond UNGER
2) Mable Elizabeth MONK married Duncan Thomas Douglas COOPER

Richard Frederick Killingley GREENWOOD married Mary Ann Amelia COOPER, daughter of Abraham COOPER. These are their children:

1) John Edward Killingley Titch GREENWOOD
3) Robert Wilfred GREENWOOD

Robert Wilfred GREENWOOD married Doreen Enid HOLLOWAY daughter Edwin Augustus & Louisa Ada HOLLOWAY. These are their children:

  1. Wilfred Edwin Holloway GREENWOOD

  2. Doreen Amelia GREENWOOD married Roland Cameron WHITE

  3. Phyllis Colleen GREENWOOD

  4. Carol Cynthia GREENWOOD

  5. Joy Neville GREENWOOD died aged 1 month and 24 days

Richard GREENWOOD married Florence May LEWIS daughter of Charles Hadden & Ann Margaret LEWIS nee WHELAN (This may have been Richard Frederick Killingley GREENWOOD's 2nd marriage). These are their children:

1) Florence Mary GREENWOOD
2) Richard Edward GREENWOOD
3) Wilfred Francis Xavier GREENWOOD

Next Generation

Florence Mary GREENWOOD married George Francis ANDREWS son of James Victor ANDREWS. These are their children:

2) Jennifer ANDREWS
3) Leslie or Lesley ANDREWS
4) Ingrid ANDREWS
5) Wendy ANDREWS
6) Gerard ANDREWS
7) Mildred ANDREWS
8) Cecile ANDREWS
9) Pamela ANDREWS

Richard GREENWOOD married Nancy Marie Celine BEALE daughter of Ernest Adolphus and Mildred Dorah BEALE. These are their children.

1) Doreen GREENWOOD (died in infancy) Twin
2) Noreen GREENWOOD (died in infancy) Twin
3) Joyce Margaret GREENWOOD
4) Randolph Joseph GREENWOOD
5) Sandra Ann GREENWOOD
6) Jeffery Martin GREENWOOD
7) Clint Anthony GREENWOOD (died)

Wilfred Francis Xavier GREENWOOD married Daisy Elizabeth ROZARIO daughter of Harry ROZARIO. These are their children:

1) Owen Anthony GREENWOOD
2) Patsy Celestine GREENWOOD
3) Noel Douglas GREENWOOD
4) Joan Barbara GREENWOOD
5) Sydney Stephen GREENWOOD
6) Coral Bernadette GREENWOOD
7) Anne Margaret GREENWOOD
8) Yvonne Veronica GREENWOOD

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