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?? VARDON married ??, children:

  1. Hobart Llewellyn VARDON (b1938, Medura, India)

Next Generation

Hobart Llewellyn VARDON (b1938, Medura, India) married Diana Antoinette YOUNG (b1952, Lahore, Pakistan) on 04/1/1969 at St. Anthony’s Church, Lahore, Pakistan. Children:

  1. Darrin Dominic Nigel Vardon (b1969, Lahore, Pakistan)

  2. Susan Ann Vardon (b1971, Lahore, Pakistan)

  3. Sandra Maria Vardon (b1974, Lahore, Pakistan)

  4. Karen Dominica Mary Vardon (b1980, Lahore, Pakistan)

Next Generation

Darrin Dominic Nigel VARDON (born 25/10/1969, Lahore, Pakistan) married Cynthia Gail JOHN (born 07/1/1971, Lahore, Pakistan) on 04/1/1995 at St. Anthony’s Church, Lahore, Pakistan. Children:

  1. Brandon Virgil Vardon (born 15/11/1995, Lahore, Pakistan)

  2. Dwayne Vardon (born 28/6/1997, Lahore, Pakistan)

  3. Amber Mary Vardon (born 21/8/2005, Lahore, Pakistan)

Susan Ann VARDON (born 09/10/1971, Lahore, Pakistan) married Jude Martin DIAS (born 12/11/1960, Lahore, Pakistan) on 07/2/1991 at St. Anthony’s Church, Lahore, Pakistan. Children:-

  1. Jason Mark Nigel Dias (born 25/7/1991, Lahore, Pakistan)

  2. Stephen Anthony Alex Dias (born 22/12/1992, Lahore, Pakistan)

  3. Brooke Ann Dias (born 06/11/1993, Lahore, Pakistan)

Sandra Maria VARDON (born 13/5/1974, Lahore, Pakistan) married Dale JAMES (born 13/6/1972, Lahore, Pakistan) on 06/10/1999 at St. Anthony’s Church, Lahore, Pakistan. Children:-

  1. Tyler James (born Toronto, Canada)

  2. Jessica James (born Toronto, Canada)

  3. Noah James (born Toronto, Canada)


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?? VARDON married Noreen FANTHOME (Sacred Heart Convent, Lahore, Pakistan), children:


?? VARDON married ??, children:

  1. Rebecca Vardon

Next Generation

Rebecca VARDON married Andre Gerard FONCECA , children

  1. Shannon Fonceca

  2. Samantha Fonceca

  3. Savion Fonceca


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