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info from Peggy Beckett <>

David YOUNG snr married ??, children:

  1. David Young jnr (b abt 1823)

Next Generation

David YOUNG jnr (b.abt. 1823) in 1850 in Dharwar married Ellen BELL (b 1833 ? Bombay, daughter of Alexander BELL). They had 2 sons born in Dharwar who were sent to England for their education & who remained there.

  1. Charles Robertson YOUNG (b. 1852 became a professional cricketer for Hampshire).

  2. Archibald James YOUNG b. 1854


info from Nigel Nagle

?? YOUNG married ??, children:

  1. Linda Young

Next Generation


Linda YOUNG married Terence Richard LAUGHLIN [born 8/09/1944 in BOMBAY INDIA.], two children:

  1. Faye Laughlin

  2. Steve Laughlin.


info from Robert Charles Young

?? YOUNG married ??, children:

  1. John Stanley Young (b 1950)

Next Generation

John Stanley YOUNG (b1950,kalchini,dooars dist jalpaiguri, west bengal) married Maisie Margaret HARRIS (b1952,kolkata,west bengal) in 1969 in Kolkata, children:

  1. Robert Charles Young


info from Mary Ivy &

?? YOUNG married ??, children:

  1. Ira Gordon

Next Generation

Ira YOUNG (Kolar Gold Fields/Bangalore) married George GORDON. They had 7 children

  1. Albert Gordon

  2. Millie Gordon

  3. Anthony Gordon

  4. William Gordon (called Bobby)

  5. Clara Gordon

  6. Patricia Gordon (called Queenie)

  7. George Gordon


info from

?? YOUNG married ??, children:

  1. Audrey Young

Next Generation

Audrey YOUNG married  Vernon GABRIEL, children:

  1. Cedric Ian Gabriel

  2. Adrian Gabriel

  3. Christine Gabriel

  4. Susanne Gabriel

  5. Valarie Gabriel


info from

?? YOUNG married ??, children:

  1. Donald Young

Next Generation

Donald YOUNG married Beryl D'SANTOS from Calcutta (b 1916, d aged 77, 14/2/1994 Canada), children:

  1. Stephen Young

  2. Kevin Young

  3. Rosalind Young

  4. Claudette Young

Next Generation

Stephen Young married Dorothea ?

Kevin Young married Rita ?

Rosalind Young married Mark Patel

Claudette Young married ? Pereira


?? YOUNG married ??, children:

  1. Iris Teresa YOUNG (born Hubli, Karnataka State)

Next Generation

Iris Teresa YOUNG (born Hubli, Karnataka State)  married Robert Scott JOHNSTONE (born circa 1910, Perambur, Madras, died 1994), children :

  1. Audrey JOHNSTONE, 

  2. Carole JOHNSTONE, 

  3. Maxine JOHNSTONE


info from Rose Pentony

Donald YOUNG married Wilhelma ??, Children:

  1. Owen Lewis Douglas Young (b ??, died 1964 in GORAKPUR, INDIA)

  2. Margaret Young (Tootoo)

Next Generation

Owen Lewis Douglas Young (b ??, died 1964 in GORAKPUR, INDIA) married Sybil Traish (Trish etc) - Children

  1. Hazel Young

  2. Tony Young

  3. Alley Young

Next Generation

Hazel Philomina YOUNG married Eugene Francis Terence D'MONTE, children: 

  1. Eugene D'monte, 

  2. Desmond D'monte 

  3. Phyllis D'MONTE, 

  4. Catherine D'MONTE, 

  5. Iris D'MONTE

Tony YOUNG married Edwina D'MONTE (sister of Eugene Francis Terence D'MONTE)


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