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info from Joan Birtles - Wentworthville, NSW  Australia

?? GABRIEL married ??, children:

  1. Paulina Gabriel

Next Generation


Paulina GABRIEL (b about 1817) married John THORPE [A 1st Dresser in the Nizam Contingent] on 4 June 1844 Chudderghaut, India,,  children ??

1.     John Thorpe b 13 March 1829

2.     Paulina Thorpe born 16 Oct 1830

3.     Joseph Thorpe born 1834 Secunderabad, died 23 Dec 1853 buried Guntoor Ind.

4.     George Benjamin Thorpe born 22 Feb 1835 died 29 Jun 1858 buried Jalnah

5.     Daniel Thorpe born 7 Nov 1839 died 12 Apr 1857 buried Chudderghaut

6.     Lydia Thorpe born about 1846



LOOKING FOR ANY INFORMATION/ANYONE WHO KNOWS ANYONE OF MY FAMILY LISTED BELOW PLEASE CONTACT ME  especially the GABRIELS some/all were born in Lahore. Could not find anything on the internet e.g. for GABRIELS. My maternal grandmother: Bernice Margaret had a few siblings: Kenneth Ralph (married Mavis Claire), Kathleen ( Pearly) (married Lewis Conway), Ruby (married Leo/Leon Rozario), and 2 other brothers I am not sure of the names.

?? GABRIEL married ??, children:

  1. Bernice Margaret Teresa GABRIEL (b.1910 Lahore & died 1965 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Bernice Margaret Teresa GABRIEL (b.1910 Lahore & died 1965 Calcutta) married Hector Stanley CRAMER (b.1903 Calcutta & died 1970 Calcutta). Children:

1. Colleen Kathleen Agnus Cramer (1929-2006)
2. Doreen Gloria Joyce Cramer
3. Denzil Hector Carlyle Cramer (1933-2006)
4. Aileen Gertrude Estelle Cramer (1935-1936)
5. Shirley Yvonne Patricia Cramer (b.1936-19??)
6. Alma (Buddy) Beatrice Rosalind Cramer (b.1938-2001)
7. Malcolm Cramer
8. Noel Manfred Robert Cramer



info from

?? GABRIEL married ??, children:

  1. Vernon Gabriel

Next Generation

Vernon GABRIEL married Audrey YOUNG, children:

  1. Cedric Ian Gabriel

  2. Adrian Gabriel

  3. Christine Gabriel

  4. Susanne Gabriel

  5. Valarie Gabriel

Next Generation

Cedric Ian GABRIEL (born 1954 Calcutta, keen sportsman who loved hockey, d 2004 Perth) married Marilyn AVIET, children:

  1. Steven Gabriel

  2. Marisa Gabriel

  3. Kimberly Gabriel


?? GABRIEL married ??, children:

  1. Ernest Gabriel

Next Generation

Ernest GABRIEL married May EDWARDS


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