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I, Iona Russell (nee Pope) am looking for any cousins from my father’s side and also from my mothers side they were respectively the Popes and Davitts from Madras. I know there are lots of you out there all somewhere and we are feeling lonely so please do contact me at my email ids as below: russell_iona@yahoo.co.in ; lassigin@yahoo.com

?? POPE married ??, children:

  1. Frederick Attwell Pope

Next Generation

Frederick Attwell Pope married ??, children:

  1. Lucious Charles Pope

Next Generation

Lucious Charles POPE married Gladys Beatrice KNIGHT (daughter of Henry Charles Knight d 1916). Children:

  1. Walter Charles Pope (b Madras 15th March 1921)
  2. Malcolm Pope - used to stay in Bangalore - married Joyce ??
  3. Ronald Pope
  4. Clarence Pope

Next Generation

Walter Charles POPE married ??, children:

  1. Iona Pope (born 15.10.60, at Chennai (Madras)

Next Generation

Iona POPE (born 15.10.60, at Chennai (Madras) married Douglas RUSSELL (born 27.07.1950 – Jabalpur) on 19.05.1979 at Scared Heat Church, Dharamtolla, Kolkata, Children:

  1. Geraldine Russell (born 29.01.1980), Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  2. Leon Russell (born 11.02.1984), Kolkata, West Bengal, India



info from  Beverley Pope  bev.77@hotmail.com

?? POPE married ??, children:

  1. Melville Allan POPE (born 14 may 1906, Madras)
  2. George POPE
  3. Tony POPE (Leo)
  4. Basil POPE
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?

Next Generation

Melville Allan POPE (born 14 may 1906 in Madras, India) Married Rebecca Enid Lititia DELVES (born 16/7/1912), (Second marriage), CHILDREN:

  1. Charles Gerald POPE (born 8 may 1946 in Madras, India)

Next Generation

Charles Gerald POPE (born 8/5 /1934, died 16/1/1991) married Rose Mary Clotilda Elizabeth WHITE (b 30/11/1946) at Our Lady of Lourdes, Perambur, Madras on the 30 October 1969. Came out to Perth Australia they had 5 daughters.

  1. Virginia POPE (Abigale)

  2. Carla POPE

  3. Penny POPE (Jessica)

  4. Beverley POPE

  5. Becky POPE


info from Janice Wendy Pascal  johnjan@gcom.net.au

?? POPE married ??, children:

  1. Mary Pope

Next Generation

Mary POPE, married Philip SWYNY, children:

  1. Leonard Swyny
  2. ? Swyny (Son)
  3. Doreen Madonna Swyny (b approx 1908?, d 1991)


info submitted by phyllis.danko@myfairpoint.net

  ?? POPE married ??, children:

  1. Arthur Edwin Pope

Next Generation

Arthur Edwin POPE in 1877 married Sarah HEATHCOTE  (b. 1858) , children:

  1. Hilda POPE (b. 1882 d. 22 April 1927)
  2. Edith Blanche POPE b. 19 Nov. 1883  chr. 13 Jan 1884 Vepery

Next Generation

Hilda POPE (b. 1882, d. 22 April 1927.) on 9 May 1902 married Alexander STUMP at Belgaum, Mysore


info from Jennie Maher jennie_maher@hotmail.com

?? POPE married ??, children:

  1. Robert Pope

Next Generation

Robert POPE married Ivy ??, children:

  1. Eric Pope
  2. Hazel Pope (decd)
  3. Muriel Pope (decd)
  4. Marie Pope married Ronald CHEW

Next Generation

Eric POPE married Rita D'CRUZE (daughter of Arthur D'CRUZE & Alice, sister of Arthur, Hector, Clarence and May), children:

  1. Venetia Pope (Pinkie)
  2. Vivian Pope
  3. Percy Pope
  4. Carol Pope
  5. Errol Pope (Chickoo)
  6. Jennie Pope

Hazel Pope (decd) married ?? ROE, daughter

  1. June Roe

Muriel Pope (decd) married ??, children:

  1. Miriam (married Michael CARVEY),
  2. Eldrich (Sonnu) married Debbie ??)
  3. Younis,
  4. Francis.

Marie Pope married Ronald CHEW

Next Generation

Vivian POPE of Golmohur Barracks married Marlene Averil CROCKER , her 1st marriage (born on 30/11/1938 in Guntikal, Andrah Pradesh, deceased 7/6/1989 in Bombay, India) on January 1959, Catholic Church, Howrah, Marlene & Vivian ultimately divorced, children:

  1. Jerome Pope
  2. Victor Pope

Vivian POPE  remarried,  Coral BOWERS (Park Lane & Kharagpur) and they have a son,

  1. Bruce Pope.

Jennie POPE (immigrated to Perth in November 1969 with Gordon following in June 1970) married Gordon MAHER in Perth on July 1970, children:

  1. Sean Maher (born Perth)
  2. Gavin Maher (born Perth)

Next Generation

Jerome POPE, lives in Perth, married Michelle ?? , since divorced. one son:

  1. Tyrone Pope

Victor POPE now resides in Wimbledon, UK and is married to Loretta BASTEEN.  They have a girl,

  1. Justine Pope.

Bruce POPE  married Dianne HARNETT on the 18 September 2004, they have a son:

  1. Cameron Pope
               (info from Bruce Pope brucepope@bigpond.com)


info submitted by vivianlawless@supanet.com

?? POPE married ??, children:

  1. Dorothy Pope

Next Generation

Dorothy POPE married Cecil LAWLESS, children

  1. Mary LAWLESS
  2. Daphne LAWLESS
  3. Geraldine LAWLESS.
  4. Anthony LAWLESS.
  5. June LAWLESS.
  6. John LAWLESS
  7. Bridgette LAWLESS,
  8. Christine LAWLESS
  9. Deanna .LAWLESS
  10. Ben LAWLESS.
  11. Gerard LAWLESS.
  12. Sandra LAWLESS


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