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info from Amanda Boden

?? MAHER married ??, children:

  1. Murial Maher

Next Generation
Murial MAHER married Percy SNELL. Their children were

  1. Colin Snell married Jean Wilson having 3 children Jennifer, Colin, Kerry

  2. Coral Snell (living in Aust.)

  3. Malcolm Snell (living in Aust.)

  4. Trevor Snell lives in Tulsa O,K he has 9 children Vanessa being the youngest


info from Jennie Maher

?? MAHER married ??, children:

  1. Reginald Maher

Next Generation

Reginald MAHER married Beryl HINTON, children:

  1. Gordon Maher

  2. George Maher

  3. Louise Maher

Next Generation

Gordon MAHER married Jennie POPE (who immigrated to Perth in November 1969 with Gordon following in June 1970) in Perth on July 1970, children:

  1. Sean Maher (born Perth)

  2. Gavin Maher (born Perth)

George MAHER married Yvonne SORRAINE, children:

  1. Lester Maher

  2. Adrian Maher

  3. Jason Maher

  4. Stephen Maher

Louise MAHER married Eddie D'Abrew and they have three girls -

  1. Karen D'Abrew ( married Jeremy Damonse)

  2. Melissa D'Abrew 

  3. Rosemarie D'Abrew.

Next Generation

Sean MAHER (born Perth) married Inge Van Hugten on 23 April 1994 in Perth.  Inge was also born in Western Australia and is of Dutch origin. They currently reside temporarily in Savannah, USA.

Gavin MAHER married Kelly MORONI on 17 April 2004.  Kelly was also born in W. Australia.  Her mother is Australian and father is of Italian origin.

Lester MAHER married Silva (?) but has since divorced.


Stephen MAHER is married to Naomi (?). They have one child: Oliver Maher.

Adrian MAHER married Zayda CONTRERAS on the 14th of December 1991. Zayda is from Chile and they have 6 children, who are:,

  1. Jaleesa Maher

  2. Patrice Maher

  3. Adam Maher

  4. Nicholas Maher

  5. Benjamin Maher

  6. Chelsea Maher

      (above info from Adrian Maher and Jaleesa Maher)


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