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info supplied by Luke Stevens Luke.Stevens@fujitsu-siemens.com

?? HINTON married ??, children:

  1. Frederick Ernest Hinton ( born 20 Jul 1898, died 7 Nov 1975 at Camberley
  2. Hector Hinton

Next Generation

Frederick Ernest HINTON ( born 20 Jul 1898, worked for British Imperial Tobacco in Guntur, died 7 Nov 1975 at Camberley) married in 1921 Sheila CALLAHAN (Born 24 Apr1900, Died 26 Feb 1960)

Hector HINTON (travelled to Australia, from India, where he was married) married ??

(Frederick Ernest Hinton worked for British Imperial Tobacco in Guntur he married Sheila CALLAHAN daughter of Henry William CALLAHAN and RACHEL. I don't know Rachel's maiden name. Henry William Callahan was Inspector of Schools for the Madras Presidency. If anyone has any thing that might help me I would be very grateful. Luke Stevens  Luke.Stevens@fujitsu-siemens.com )

Desmond HINTON married on 30 MAR 1948 Audrey MCLELLEN

David HINTON,  Born ? , Married on ?   (divorced) Mirra
Joan Yvonne HINTON ( Born 17 Oct 1924 at Madras India Government House) Married on 22 May 1948 Serbiton, London, John Raymond STEVENS (Born 29 DEC 1923 at Birmingham, Died 21 DEC 1991 at Farnham Surrey)

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