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Winfred PEARS married Maud Isabella COGHLAN, children:

  1. Frederick Pears
  2. Vivian Pears (lives in Perth)
  3. Dorothy Pears
  4. Richard Pears (b1910)
  5. George Dunstin PEARS (b1912, died 28/8/1990)
  6. Florence Pears
  7. Harold Pears
  8. Charles Pears

Next Generation

Vivian Boniface PEARS married Leonora BYRNE-QUINN, children :

  1. Bramwell Pears (Brammy) (Madura)

  2. Rene Pears (Madura)

  3. Leon Pears (b1938 Madura)

  4. Gene Pears(b1939 Madura)

  5. Peter  Pears(b1943 Madras)

Dorothy PEARS married Alphonso BERGER, children:

  1. Frederick Berger (Freddy), 
  2. Marie Berger, 
  3. Annie Berger, 
  4. Dougie Berger, 
  5. Cathy Berger, 
  6. Rhona Berger 
  7. Gwen Berger

Richard PEARS  (b1910) married Anna Mary ?? (b1937 Ceylon) , Madurai.  Children:

    1. Kathleen Pears

    2. Eardley Richard Pears  

    3. Annie Pears 

    4. Moses Pears

Next Generation

Bramwell PEARS (decd) married Margaret (Peggy) ?, Children

  1. Michelle Pears, 

  2. Michael Pears, 

  3. Gail Pears. 

Rene PEARS married Joanne MAXWELL (now dec'd) in India. Children :

  1. Gina Pears, (b1962 Merton UK)

  2. Karen Pears(b1964 UK), 

  3. Julie Pears(b1968 UK), 

  4. Gene Pears(b1969 UK), 

Leon PEARS married Wendy WILSON  (b1946 Bangalore) : children :- 

  1. Christopher Pears (b1967 Mt.Lawley), 
  2. Andrea Pears (b1968 Perth), 
  3. Kerry Pears (b1972 Kwinana).

Gene PEARS married 21/1/1967 Mary FAUGHNAN (b1942 Ireland) : children :- 

  1. Rona Pears (b1967 London), 
  2. Gavin Pears (b1971 London).  Mary (b2001)

Peter PEARS married Gillian GRIFFITHS (b1945 Bombay) : children :- 

  1. Matthew Pears (b1972 London), 
  2. Andrew Pears (b1977 London), 
  3. Katherine Pears (b1979 London).

Frederick PEARS married Bertha ? and they live in Asansol, children:

  1. Edward Pears 
  2. Karen Pears, 
  3. Sabrina Pears 
  4. Andrew Pears

Christobel PEARS  married Otto Burton FULLER

  1. Gerardine Fuller
  2. Alister Joseph Fuller
  3. Norman Anthony Fuller
  4. Mary Anne Fuller
  5. Warren Andrew Fuller
  6. Deborah Anne Fuller
  7. Ilona Anne Fuller

Next Generation

info from Gina Kilmartin (nee PEARS) 

Gina PEARS (b1962 Merton UK) married Shaun KILMARTIN on  20/10/84, Currently living in Sydney Aust, Children:

  1. Julie Kilmartin (b 1986 Victoria, Australia
  2. Ashlee Kilmartin (b 1987  Victoria, Aust
  3. Rachel Kilmartin (b 1989 Rockingham
  4. Shannon Kilmartin (b 1990 Attadale

Karen PEARS (b1964 Lewisham UK) married 28/9/1985 Justin MURPHY (b1959 Mt.Lawley) : children :- 

  1. Debra PEARS (b1986 Mt.Lawley), 
  2. Tara PEARS (b1990 Perth).

Julie PEARS (b1968) married Mark WATSON

Gene PEARS (b1969) married Kym STANDING , Children:

  1. Daniel PEARS  b1998 Perth
  2. Shaun PEARS b2000  Albany
  3. Bailey PEARS b2002 Albany

Rona PEARS & PATEL, children :

  1. Erin PEARS (b1990), 
  2. Daragh PEARS (b1992)

Gavin PEARS & Karen RAMSDEN , children :

  1. Alexandria Emily (b1999)

Katherine PEARS married Kevin EDMONDS.


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