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info from Garry & Winnie Brown garry.brown@clubtelco.com


?? O'CONNOR  (b ?? Ireland) and ??, children:

  1. Marion Louian O'CONNOR  (b1873 Ireland)

Next Generation

Marion Louian O'CONNOR  (b1873 Ireland) married Shakespeare Wilson ELDRED (b1864 Rawalipindi) (his 2nd marriage) , children:

  1. Norah Muriel Eldred (b1892 Rawalipindi)

  2. Leonora Beatrice Eldred (b1894 Rawalpindi)

  3. Berty Eldred

  4. Clara Eldred

  5. Erin Eldred

  6. Ruby Eldred

  7. Hilda Eldred

  8. Eric Eldred



Hello, I am looking for some information regarding my Grand Mother and Great Aunt. They were born to an Irish father, Michael O’Connor and an Anglo India Mother (who’s name we do not know) in Ajmer in 1923 and 1926. We know that they went to St Joseph’s Convent School in 1931-1934 before leaving for England with their father in early 1930. They didn’t have birth certificates, so I am looking for which hospital they were born in. It would also be useful to find anyone who remembers going to school with them during this time. Any information anyone has would be of great help. Sadly, my grandmother and great aunt have now passed away, so the search has become even harder! Many thanks Emily Barrett emily_grace87@hotmail.com  


Michael O'CONNOR (from Ireland) married ??, children:

  1. Ellen O'Connor (b Ajmer 1923. went to St Joseph’s Convent School in 1931-1934 before leaving for England with their father in early 1930)

  2. Elizabeth O'Connor (b Ajmer 1926. went to St Joseph’s Convent School in 1931-1934 before leaving for England with their father in early 1930)



Hi! to all I am searching for the descendents of a Francis William Packwood who married Ellen Irene O'Connor at Lal Bagh Me Church  Lucknown on the 27 May  1895. His father being Joseph Packwood, and hers  Charles Michael O'Connor.  His only known son Bill Packwood  with his, visited his cousin (my mother a Clare Elizabeth Brown (Nee Hudson ) in the Isle of Man  in 1946. His children were Bill and Trix there was a third girl , that name escapes me at the moment. I believe that Bill Packwood Snr  was a manager in the Indian ICI. I live in New Zealand ,and would be most grateful for any information on this family or how to contact them, My email address is bbbpbb@xtra.co.nz . thanks Bill Brown .

Charles Michael O'CONNOR married ??, children:

  1. Ellen Irene O'Connor

Next Generation

Ellen Irene O'Connor, at Lal Bagh Me Church  Lucknow on the 27 May  1895, married Francis William Packwood (manager in the Indian ICI), children:

  1. Bill Packwood married ??, 3 children: Bill and Trix there was a third, a girl


info from Melville Patrick O'Connor  captango@eircom.net

Major Patrick Joseph O'Connor of Madras married Lilah Mary D'Padua They had four children:

  1. Neville Thomas O'Connor now living in Mitcham, Surrey, UK

  2. Rodney Patrick O'Connor (my father) retired Senior Aerodrome Officer, Dept. Of Civil Aviation living in Ooty, Tamil Nadu

  3. Lieut Colonel Noel Gregory O'Connor VrC (Retd) married to Sylvia Johnson , living also in Ooty

  4. Delsy O'Connor married to Lieut Col Oscar Fullinfaw living in Melbourne Australia

Next Generation

Rodney Patrick O'Connor (Air Traffic Control Officer at Meenanmbakkam Airport, Madras) married Fern Noreen FLOATE of St. Thomas Mount, Madras (daughter of Clinton Floate of St. Thomas Mount Madras who married Lilly Franklin, Their children were: Grace, Ernest, George, Hector, Enid, Hyacinth (Cynthie),Daphne and my mother Fern., children:

  1. Melville Patrick O'Connor (born 30/11/51 in the Officer's Quarters, Pallavaram, Madras)

Next Generation

Melville Patrick O'Connor (born 30/11/51 in the Officer's Quarters, Pallavaram, Madras), graduated from St. Paul's Higher Secondary School, Udaipur, Rajasthan and consider Udaipur to be my hometown in India (as I speak Hindi with an 'udaipuri' accent!). I live in Ireland in the suburbs of Dublin and also in Costa Almeria Spain, where I also have a home. I married Edith Killalea of Ballyfermot, Dublin and we are professional Ballroom Dance Instructors. I also work in Marketing,


info from Tony O'Connor antonyoconnor@gmail.com

I am looking for Pals of mine who studied in St.Patricks Anglo Indian High School, Adyar in the year from 1963 to 1974.  I can be contacted on Mobile:91 44 9884130360

?? O'CONNOR married ??, children:

  1. Antony O'Connor (Tony) (b1956,Chennai)

  2. Ralph O'Connor (b1948) St.Bedes high School (1955 - 1965)

  3. Rita O'Connor (b1949) St.Ursalas Convent,Church Park (1957 - 1967)

  4. Thelma O'Connor  (b1951) St.Ursalas Convent, Church Park (1958 - 1968) also studied in Holy Angels Convenant

  5. Martina O'Connor (b1952) St.Ursalas Convent,Church Park (1959 - 1969)

  6. Patricia O'Connor (b1954)St.Ursalas Convent,Church Park (1960 - 1970) also studied in Holy Angels Convenant

  7. Philip O'Connor (b1955) St.Bedes high School (1973 - 1975) also studied in St.Patrick's(1963-73)

  8. Andrew O'Connor (b1964) St.Bedes high School (1965-1975)

Next Generation

Antony O'CONNOR (Tony) (b 1956,Chennai) married Maria JOSEPH (b 1958, Chennai) at Santhome Cathedral, Mylapore, Children:

  1. Jonathan O'Connor (b 1989)

  2. Joanne O'Connor (b 1994)


info from betswilliams@yahoo.com & David Robin O'Connor david.52in@gmail.com

?? O'CONNOR married ??, children:

  1. Beauchamp Walter O'CONNOR

Next Generation

Major Beauchamp Walter O'CONNOR married Maizie Veronica TUCKER, 1947, children:

  1. William Walter O'Connor (died Allahabad in a Flying Club aircraft crash)

  2. David Robin O'Connor

  3. Godfrey Lewis O'Connor

Next Generation

William Walter O'CONNOR (died Allahabad in a Flying Club aircraft crash) married ??, children:

  1. Horace O'Connor

info from betswilliams@yahoo.com & David Robin O'Connor david.52in@gmail.com

David Robin O'Connor married Esther QUINTAL: 2children,

  1. Maisie O'Connor

  2. Nicholas O'Connor (now living in Deolali, India)

Godfrey Lewis O'Connor married Donna DEE, 2 children ,

  1. Craig O'Connor

  2. Cara O'Connor (now living in Darwin. Australia.)


Next Generation

Horace O'CONNOR married ??, children:

  1. Beatrice O'CONNOR (now in the US)

Next Generation
Beatrice O'CONNOR married ?WILLIAMS
info from moconnor97@ntlworld.com

?? O'CONNOR married ??, children:

  1. ?? O'Connor

Next Generation

?? O'CONNOR married Mary MASKELL (Ms Curry's day school 1936-39, Sealdah day school 1934-36, Calcutta, Agra boarding school, 1939-41.Migrated to England from Calcutta in 1948, was born in 1929 in Madras,
lived on Sherriff Lane, Bedford Lane, Sittinggon Street, Gardeners Lane, Golansobham lane. My mother's name was Amy BISHOP.)

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