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I am trying to find information about my great grandmother: Jane Lily Ann ELDRED( nee Peters. )(1865-1934). She was an Assistant Surgeon of Midwifery in Mulkan India.  (Miss Elgers Hospital) ???1890 for 4 years.  Her father's name ?? Julian or George Frederick Peters (b1842). Brother's name is Joseph Frederick Peters. Thanks. Joan Brown jwb60@hotmail.co.uk


info from Garry & Winnie Brown garry.brown@clubtelco.com


Shakespeare Wilson ELDRED (b1864 Rawalipindi) and ?? SAMUELS, children:

  1. Monica Samuels (Half sister) married Michael SINGH, children: Joyce Constance, Edwin, Martin, Erny, Eugene, Percy

Shakespeare Wilson ELDRED (b1864 Rawalipindi) married (his 2nd marriage) Marion Louian O'CONNOR  (b1873 Ireland), children:

  1. Norah Muriel Eldred (b1892 Rawalipindi)

  2. Leonora Beatrice Eldred (b1894 Rawalpindi)

  3. Berty Eldred

  4. Clara Eldred

  5. Erin Eldred

  6. Ruby Eldred

  7. Hilda Eldred

  8. Eric Eldred

Next Generation

Norah Muriel ELDRED (b1892 Rawalipindi)  married W.G. BRINKWORTH, children:

  1. Reginald Brinkworth married Leena

  2. Leslie Brikworth married Lilian

  3. Terrence Brinkworth (b1918-1944)

Leonora Beatrice ELDRED (b1894 Rawalpindi) married Edward William BATTYE (1912 in Mombasa Kenya):

  1. Horace (b1914 Kenya)

  2. Gwendolene Angela (b1916)

  3. Percy Allan (b1918)

  4. Kenneth William (1924)

  5. Myrthle (1928)

  6. Cecil Herbert (1933)

  7. Dorothy Constance (b1934)

  8. Jean Rosemund (b1939)

Clara ELDRED married G. MILLS, children:

  1. Audrey Mills

  2. Patrick Mills

  3. Doreen Mills

  4. Daphne Mills

  5. Jimmy Mills

Erin ELDRED married ?? DANIELS, children:

  1. Erin Pricilla (stage name Manoroma actress in Bombay)

Ruby ELDRED married John D'CRUZE, children:

  1. Mary D'Cruze

  2. Almada D'Cruze

Hilda ELDRED married E. NICHOLLS

  1. Cyril Nicholls

  2. Clarence Nicholls

  3. Herbert Nicholls

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