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?? DAVIS married ??, children:

  1. Emile Edward Davis (b 1859)

Next Generation

Emile Edward DAVIS (born 1859 India) married ?,children:

  1. William Lionel Davis (b 1883)

  2. Joseph Eugene Davis (born Calcutta 1888)

Next Generation

William Lionel DAVIS (b 1883) at 22yrs on 22 May 1905 in Asansol married 14yr Florence May THOMAS (b 1891 daughter of John Alfred Thomas), children:

  1. Beryl Agnes Davis (b 15 Feb 1906 Dhurrumhalla, Bengal Presidency)

  2. Reginald Davis (b 1908, d 24 Apr 1911 Calcutta, age 3)

Next Generation

Beryl Agnes DAVIS (b 15 Feb 1906 Dhurrumhalla, Bengal Presidency) at 15yrs on 25 Aug 1920 in Agra married 28yr widower Charles Adrian ADAMS (b 1892, son of Arthur Charles Adams)


Beryl Agnes ADAMS (nee Davis) (b 15 Feb 1906 Dhurrumhalla, Bengal Presidency) at 25yrs on 6 Feb 1932 in Jubbulpore, after a divorce from her 1st marriage to Charles Adrian Adams, married 27yr Douglas Montaylu Percival BEADLE (b 1905, son of Albert Beadle



info from Shane Desmier gsdesmier@aol.com

?? DAVIS married ??, children:

  1. Lazar Cyril Davis (b ?)

Next Generation

Lazar Cyril DAVIS married Irene COTTER , Children:

  1. Patrick Davis

  2. Basil Davis

  3. Blanche Davis

  4. Ronald Davis

  5. Priscilla Davis married Richard Shollenberger

  6. Celine Davis

  7. Coral Davis

  8. Frank Davis

  9. Anto Davis

  10. Patricia Davis

  11. Gordon Davis

  12. Lucy Davis

Next Generation         

Patrick Davis married Eleanor WILSON,  children:  

  1. Colin Davis

Basil Davis married Myrtle DAVIDSchildren:  

  1. Gordon Davis

Ronald Davis married Hyacinth SNELL,  children:  

  1. Glen Davis

Lucy Davis married Raymond D'SOUZA,  children:  

  1. Ryan D'souza

Next Generation

Glen Davis married Melissa EGAN



info from ddav3810@bigpond.net.au

?? DAVIS married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Stanley Davis

Next Generation

Thomas Stanley DAVIS (Taffy) ex. RAMC, WWII, married Phyllis Ann DIAS, children:

  1. Anthony Davis (Tony) - (b London Ontario)

  2. Marilyn Davis (Dollar)  Wembley London UK

  3. Melody Davis (Mel), Sydney Australia.

  4. Leon Davis Karachi Pakistan.

  5. Lorain Davis (Lolly) , Karachi Pakistan.

  6. Marian Davis, Karachi Pakistan

  7. Dawn Davis, Karachi Pakistan

  8. Martin Davis Karachi Pakistan

  9. Michael (Mickey) Davis, Totonto Canada

  10. Catherine Davis, Sydney Australia

Next Generation

Marilyn DAVIS (Dollar) married Frank TWIGG,  Wembley London UK.


Melody DAVIS (Mel) married Derrick DAVID, Sydney Australia.


Marian DAVIS  married Allahadad Malik,  Karachi Pakistan


Dawn DAVIS married Peter Paul FERNANDES,  Karachi Pakistan


Michael DAVIS (Mickey) married Lena LOBO,  Totonto Canada


Catherine DAVIS married Noel Franciscus, Sydney Australia



info from armadalebandb@firedream.net

?? DAVIS married ??, children:

  1. Teresa DAVIS

Next Generation

Teresa DAVIS in 1860 in India, married  John HONEYFORD (born UK 1835), 4 children:

  1. Mary Ann Honeyford (b 1862)

  2. John Robert Honeyford (b 1864)

  3. Theresa Violet Honeyford (b 1868)

  4. Margaret Honeyford ( b 1870, d 1954)


(info supplied by Dianne Klaassen on 13/10/'99)

?? DAVIS married ??, children:

  1. Lillian Ethel DAVIS (born 1871 Kent, UK, died 1935 Canada)

Next Generation

Lillian Ethel DAVIS (born 1871 Kent, UK, died 1935 Canada) married William Flemyng Innes FADDY, children :



Ray Agacy.  ray_agacy@yahoo.co.uk

?? DAVIS married ??, children:

  1. Gertruth D DAVIS (b 25/8/1910 Hyderabad)

Next Generation

Gertruth D DAVIS (b 25/8/1910 Hyderabad) married Oscar S AGACY (b 9/10/1909, Chapra, Bihar), children:

  1. Rose Agacy (b 23/9/1931, Benares)

  2. Raymond Agacy (born 15/1/1936, Patna. Moved to UK in 1954)

  3. Brenda Agacy (b 13/5/1939, Patna)

  4. Mary Agacy (b 13/1/1943 Patna)

  5. Anna Agacy (b 15/11/1949 Dinapore)


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