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(info supplied by Dianne Klaassen sanddollar1@shaw.ca on 13/10/'99)

?? FADDY married ??, children:

  1. Samuel FADDY (born 1766 UK ?)

Next Generation

Samuel FADDY (born 1766 UK ?) married 1815 Calcutta, Eliza BACKHOUSE, children :

  1. Samuel Brougham Faddy (born1817 , died 1890 Bath, UK)

Next Generation

Samuel Brougham FADDY married 1858  at Jullundur, Eliza Sophia INNES (born 1837 Mussoorie ), children : 

  1. Samuel James Langston Faddy (b.1858 Jullunder), 

  2. Sophia Faddy (born 1859), 

  3. Edward Ramsey Peter Faddy (born 1860 Simla), 

  4. William Flemyng Innes Faddy (born 1863 Jullundur, died 1904 Mexico), 

  5. George Augustus Faddy (1864 - 1912)

  6. Claude Faddy (born 1868 ?), 

  7. Eva Beatrice Faddy (born 1872 Bath UK)

Next Generation

William Flemyng Innes FADDY married Lillian Ethel DAVIS (born 1871 Kent, UK, died 1935 Canada), children :


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