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?? INNES married ??, children:

  1. William INNES (b 1771/2 London, UK, d1850 Walcot, UK)

Next Generation

William INNES (b 1771/2 London, UK, d 1850 Walcot, UK) married 1799 Berhampore, Eliza Helen RAWSTORNE (b 1785 (?), d1857 (?) UK), children :

  1. James Charles Innes (born1811 Lucknow, died 1885 Bathwick, UK)

Next Generation

James Charles INNES (b1811 Lucknow, d 1885 Bathwick, UK) married 1834 at Nimach, Ann BARNARD, children :

  1. Eliza Sophia Innes 1837-1896

  2. Anna Maria Innes 1840-?

  3. Charlotte Ellen Innes 1840-?

  4. Frances Catharine Innes 1848-1904

  5. Laura Macdonald Innes 1851-?

  6. Edith Graham Innes 1856-?

  7. Maude Ada Steele Innes 1858-?

  8. Herbert D'Auvergne Innes 1860-?

Next Generation

Eliza Sophia INNES (1837 -1896) married Samuel Brougham FADDY, children :

  1. Samuel James Langston Faddy b. Oct.3, 1858 India

  2. Sophia Faddy b. 1859 India

  3. Edward Ramsey Peter Faddy b. 1860 India

  4. William Flemyng Innes Faddy b. Mar.23, 1863 India

  5. George Augustus Faddy b. May 31, 1864 India

  6. Claude Faddy b. 1868 India

  7. Eva Beatrice Faddy b. Mar.1, 1872 Bath, UK

Anna Maria INNES (1840-?) married Marmaduke RAMSAY (1837-?)

Charlotte Ellen INNES (1840-?) married James Marguis (1824-?)

Frances Catharine INNES (1848-1904) married Henry Isham Wheler (1842-?)

Laura Macdonald INNES (1851-?) married Edward B. PEACOCK

Herbert D'Auvergne INNES (1860-?) married Ethel Mary Morison (1860-?)

Next Generation



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Stephen Bernard INNES (b1910) married Ada ??, Children:

  1. Jude Joseph Innes

  2. Charles Innes

  3. Jacintha Innes

  4. Peter Innes

  5. Christine Innes

Next Generation

Jude Joseph Innes (born 21/08/1946, Jhansi) married Philomena JOHN (b1947 - d1987) Children:

  1. Victor Leslie Innes (born 08/05/1968 in Hyderdbad currently living in Kansas USA)

  2. Kevin Albert Innes (born 31/03/1969 in Hyderdbad currently living in Kansas USA)

  3. Evita Susan Innes (born 01/11/1970 in Hyderdbad currently living in California, USA)

  4. Stephen Charles Innes (born 28/05/1972 in Hyderdbad currently living in Stlouis, Missouri,  USA)

  5. Alfred Bernard Innes (born 16/06/1973 in Hyderdbad currently living in Hyderabad India)

  6. Mario Antonio Innes (born 30/06/1975 in Hyderdbad currently living in Hyderabad India)

  7. Nicholas Anotnio Innes (born 30/06/1975 in Hyderdbad currently living in Hyderabad India)

  8. Jennifer Jacquline Innes (born 31/05/1980 in Hyderdbad currently studying in Kansas, USA)

Charles Innes married Gwendoline Claridge, Children:

  1. Carmen Innes

  2. Cheryl Innes

  3. Carlton Innes

  4. Caroline Innes

Jacintha Innes married Pandu Puttnam, Children:

  1. Deepak Mark Puttnam

  2. Ajith John Puttnam

Peter Innes married Anita Claridge, Children:

  1. Venetia Innes

  2. Jacintha Innes

  3. Zubin Innes

Christine Innes married Leon Roberts, Children:

  1. Leona Innes

  2. Chris Innes

  3. Lionel Innes

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