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?? D'CUNHA married ??, children:

  1. Nelly D'Cunha

Next Generation

Nelly D'CUNHA married Vincent FURTAL, Children are:

  1. Nelson Furtal

  2. Nixon Furtal

  3. Watson Furtal

  4. Johnson Furtal


Info from D'Cunha  martin.bobby@'fsmail.netMark D'Cunha markdcunha@msn.com

?? D'CUNHA married ??, children:

  1. Alfred D'Cunha

Next Generation

Alfred D'Cunha married Caroline ?? and had the following children:-

  1. Vera D'Cunha married Lue Vaas,

  2. Doris D'Cunha

  3. Ronald D'Cunha

  4. Ioline D'Cunha

  5. Marjorie D'Cunha,

  6. Alfred D'Cunha,

  7. Phyllis Michael.Olga D'Cunha,married Alfrd D'Souza.

  8. Munni D'Cunha, married Pax Britto.

  9. Everard D'Cunha,

  10. Verdyne D'Cunha, married Derek Domingo.

  11. Oscar D'Cunha married Barbara Fox who died. then married Barbara Newman

Next Generation

Doris D'Cunha married Jack Gaughan. children:-

  1. Donald Gaughan,married Moira.

  2. John Gaughan,

  3. Lydia Gaughan married Keith Rodericks

  4. Brian Gaughan,

  5. Aubrey Gaughan married June Gaughan then later married Janice

Ronald D'Cunha, married Kathleen LilleyChildren:-

  1. Richard D'Cunha married Christine Hamilton, then married Rosalind Rodrigues,

  2. Ian D'Cunha,

  3. Robin D'Cunha.

  4. Judith D'Cunha  married Desmond Mascarenhas.

  5. Martin D'Cunha married Frances Esther Woods.

  6. Linda D'Cunha married Sidney Millard.

Ioline D'Cunha,married Fred Fitchew children:-

  1. Ann Fitchew married Des Armstrong.

  2. David Fitchew married Marjorie.

  3. Jennifer Fitchew married Mangum.

  4. Roy Fichew married Eve.

  5. Mary Fitchew married Chris Maloney.

Munni D'Cunha married Pax BRITTO.

Verdyne D'CUNHA married Derek DOMINGO.

Oscar D'CUNHA married Barbara FOX who died. then married Barbara NEWMAN, children:

  1. Yvonne D'Cunha

  2. Denzil D'Cunha

  3. Priscilla D'Cunha

  4. Gail D'Cunha

Next Generation

Martin D'Cunha (b Lahore 14/6/43) married Frances Esther Woods (b Jodhpur 1944) have three children

  1. Christopher Martin D'Cunha (b 1969)

  2. Deborah Susan D'Cunha b1970 Perivale

  3. Craig Derek D'Cunha b1973

Denzil D'Cunha married Barbara Maddison (Divorced 1970), son:

  1. Mark D'Cunha (b RAF Akrotiri 1968)

Next Generation

Christopher Martin D'Cunha (b 1969) married Mary O'Sullivan They have two children

  1. Philip  Martin D'Cunha (b Ealing 1999)

  2. Bethany Marie D'Cunha (b Ealing 2000)

Craig Derek D'Cunha (b 1973) married Naomi Brooks CARTER (b Haddenham 1974) have one child

  1. Tabitha Brooks D'Cunha (b 2004)

Mark D'Cunha (b RAF Akrotiri 1968) married Michelle Hewitt 29 July 89, 2 children:

  1. Benjamin Lewis (b 1993),

  2. Abbie Louise (b 1997)


Info to be supplied by Priscilla CLEMENTS Priscilla.Clements@ggr.com.au or dickyc@hotmail.com & Ivan Stephens <mars_1024@yahoo.com>

Cevelino D'CUNHA, Station Master (born in 1863. He died on 29 Oct 1929 in Kirkee, India and was buried on 30 Oct 1929 in Government Cemetery, Kirkee) married Sarah AMORE in 1899 in India. Cevelino and Sarah had the following children:

  1. Alfred D'Cunha was born in 1899 and died on 7 Feb 1982.

  2. Frank D'Cunha was born in 1900.

  3. Rose D'Cunha was born on 21 Sep 1901 and died on 17 May 1981.

  4. Estella D'Cunha was born in 1903.

  5. Vernon D'Cunha was born in 1905 in India.

  6. Henrietta D'Cunha was born in 1906.

  7. Doris D'Cunha was born in 1908.

  8. Grace D'Cunha was born in 1910. She died on 30 Oct 1927 in Kirkee, India and was buried on 30 Oct 1927 in Kirkee, India.

  9. Marie Teresa D'Cunha was born in 1916.

  10. Norman George D'Cunha was born on 14 Dec 1918 in India.

  11. William D'Cunha (born ?)

Next Generation

Alfred D'Cunha married Anna COMOLLA. They had the following children:

  1. Edward D'Cunha.

  2. Violet D'Cunha.

  3. Stella D'Cunha.

  4. Dorothy D'Cunha (born on 1 Dec 1949 in Kirkee, India, died on 30 Apr 1950 in Kirkee, India , buried on 1 May 1950 in Kirkee, India)

Frank D'CUNHA (b 1900) married ?? ;2 children:

  1. Eugene Frank D'Cunha ( b ?, known as Sunbun), changed name to Eugene Frank STEPHENS

  2. ?? D'Cunha (known as Cookoo).

Frank D'CUNHA also married (his 2nd marriage) Tara ?. They had the following children:

  1. Sammy D'Cunha (Stephens).

  2. Michael D'Cunha (Stephens).

  3. George D'Cunha (Stephens).

  4. Agnes D'Cunha (Stephens).

Rose D'Cunha ( born on 21 Sep 1901 in Lonavla, India. She died on 17 May 1981 in Coventry, W. Midlands, England) married Jack John AMOR (son of Martin Thomas AMOR and Felicia Aurelia) on 16 May 1921 in St Ignatius Church, India. Jack was born on 26 Jul 1895 in India. He died on 26 May 1977 in Coventry, W. Midlands and was buried on 27 May 1977 in Coventry, W. Midlands. They had the following children:



Henrietta D'Cunha married Maurice OLIVER on 3 Sep 1936 in St Ignatius Church, Kirkee, India.  children:

  1. Joyce Oliver.

Doris D'Cunha (b 1908 India.) married William MAYERS, children:

  1. Sydney MAYERS

  2. Audrey MAYERS

  3. William MAYERS

  4. Douglas MAYERS (born 1930. got run over and was killed In 1958 in Gillingham In Kent when he was only 28years old)

Doris D'CUNHA (b 1908 India.) married (her 2nd marriage) Harold Leslie GARRETT on 15 May 1931 in St Ignatius Church, Kirkee, India.  children:

  1. Eric Garrett.

Marie Teresa D'Cunha (born in 1916 in India. married John George Anthony MERRY on 17 Feb 1936.  children:

  1. Buelah Merry.

  2. George Merry.

Marie Teresa D'Cunha (b 1916 India) married (her 2nd marriage) William Arthur WATTS on 31 Jan 1940 in Register Office, Poona, India.  children:

  1. Arthur Watts.

  2. Billy Watts.

Next Generation
Eugene Frank D'CUNHA
(b ?, known as Sunbun) changed name to Eugene Frank STEPHENS, married Sheila CROSS (b ?), children:

  1. Blossom Stephens

  2. Ivan Stephens married Julie ?, children: Naomi Ivan Stephens

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