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info from Eric Garrett

My name Is Eric GARRETT, my father was Les Harold Garrett , he was a soldier In the Royal Artillery, serving In India from 1939 to 1945, I was born In 1932 and went to school In Lucknow, we left India In 1945, and came to England. I had four brothers and one sister, The eldest brother Sydney, the second eldest  Is my sister Audrey, the next Is brother William, Douglas was two years older than me he got run over and was killed In Gillingham In kent when he was only 28years older, then of course there Is me. All my brothers and sister are step brothers and sister, as my Mother was married to William Mayers first but he died In India then she met and married my father (Les Harold GARRETT)

William MAYERS married Doris D'CUNHA ( born in 1908 in India.), children:

  1. Sydney MAYERS
  2. Audrey MAYERS
  3. William MAYERS
  4. Douglas MAYERS (born 1930. got run over and was killed In Gillingham In Kent when he was only 28years old)


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