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Joseph George D'CASTRO married Sophy ?, children:

  1. Eva Julia D'Castro (b 10 Dec 1879 Moulmein)

  2. George Rodrigues D'Castro (b 2 April 1882 Rangoon)

  3. Adam Joseph D'Castro (b 16 May 1883 Moulmein)

Next Generation

Eva Julia D'Castro (b 10 Dec 1879 Moulmein) at 21yrs on 18 Apr 1901 in Rangoon married 23yr James George HAYTER (b 1878 son of James Hayter)


George Rodrigues D'CASTRO (b 2 April 1882 Rangoon) on 8 Jan 1906 in Rangoon married Mary Ma Sin (daughter of Tung Anng Zen), children:

  1. James Joseph D'Castro (b 6 Jan 1907 Rangoon)

  2. Robin Patrick D'Castro (b 19 May 1908 Rangoon)

Next Generation

Robin Patrick D'Castro (b 19 May 1908 Rangoon) married Noreen MARSHALL 1936/36 Singapore, Children

  1. Avis Imelda D'Castro (b.Singapore 1936)

  2. Constance Margaret D'Castro (b. Singapore 1939)

Divorced 1942 in Singapore - both remarried (Noreen Marshall re.married and moved to England in 1942.)

Next Generation

Avis Imelda D'Castro
married ?? in the UK, had 6 sons and lives in Cambridgshire

Constance Margaret D'Castro  married ?? GIBBES had 3 daughters, and lives in N.London.



info from dmdurham@bigpond.net.au  and Mike King miking@sympatico.ca on 6 Feb 2004

Alexander D'CASTRO (b abt 1750) married a Siamese lady, ???in the 1780's, who was a princess. They had one child by the name of

  1. George D'Castro.  (born 1788, Mergui, died 1885).

Next Generation
George D'CASTRO married Isabella D'SILVA (or is it D'SYLVA ?) , in the 1820's, and they had ten children:

  1. Cecil D'Castro,

  2. Martina D'Castro,

  3. Theresa D'Castro,

  4. Dominic D'Castro,

  5. Laurence D'Castro,

  6. John D'Castro,

  7. Suzanna D'Castro,

  8. Emerentina D'Castro,

  9. Thomas D'Castro

  10. Joseph D'Castro.

Next Generation

John D'Castro (b abt 1830, Mergui) married ??, children:

  1. Alexander Louis D'Castro (born abt 1860, Moulmein)

  2. Celestine D'Castro (Sally) (b 1868, Moulmein) m in 1891 to George Fischer(b abt 1865), children: Felix Fischer (b 1893, Moulmein, d 1988 London), m ? (b1910), children: ??(b 1938 Rangoon) m ? Berry (b abt 1930)

Thomas D'Castro married a Malay or Siamese wife (name unknown). They had two children,

  1. Robert George D'Castro

  2. Maggie D'Castro (never married).

Next Generation
Alexander Louis D'Castro (born abt 1860, Moulmein) married Catherine Apollonia LAWTON, children:

  1. Elizabeth D'Castro

  2. Adelaide Philomene D'Castro (b.22 Apr 1896 Moulmein, d. England) bp 27 Apr 1896, St.Mary's Moulmein.

  3. Winifred D'Castro

  4. May D'Castro m James Burke

  5. Percival D'Castro

  6. Frederick D'Castro m Girlie

  7. Sonny D'Castro

  8. Beatrice D'Castro m ?? Tripp

  9. Doreen D'Castro

Celestine D'Castro (Sally) (b 1868, Moulmein) m in 1891 to George FISCHER (b abt 1865), children:

  1. Felix Christopher Fischer (b 1893, Moulmein, d 1988 London), m Edna Mary FRANCIS (b 1894, Mandalay, d 1973, London), 7 children (info from Martin Barry martin.barry@man.ac.uk )

Robert George D'Castro married Miss ? Richardson and had eight children:

  1. Georgiana D'Castro (married Garnet Lyddy)

  2. Marie D'Castro (married Oswald Baxter)

  3. Thomas D'Castro (married Margaret Röst)

  4. Christie D'Castro (married Mr Tresham)

  5. Stanley D'Castro (married Emily Polowaski)

  6. Suzanna D'Castro (married Mr Boog)

  7. Bertha D'Castro (married Mr Mellican)

  8. Timothy D'Castro (married Irene Eden)

Next Generation
Adelaide Philomene D'CASTRO (b22/4/1896) on 9 Aug 1913 married Joseph Archibald MEALIN (b. 10 May 1892, Rangoon, bp 17/5/1892Rangoon (Old Cathedral) d. England)  at St. John's R C Church, Cantonment, Rangoon, children:

  1. James Mealin (b20/9/1913)

  2. Harry Victor Archibald Mealin (b 11/5/1915) m on 20/8/1942 to Cicely Veronica Baldwin (b18/11/1923 d 13/4/1976,Ottawa)

  3. Kevin Mealin (b17/3/1917) m Margaret Simpson

  4. Marjory Mealin (b9/3/1919) m Frank Dallimer, m Leonard Bigg-Wither

  5. Malcolm Evelyn Mealin (b29/10/1921 Insein, d 6/12/1991 Thornton Heath) m on 29/12/1942 to Honor Fuschia Hogan (b20/8/1922, bp 12/9/1922, Rangoon Cathedral, m Ethel ??

  6. Zena Adelaide Una Mealin (b. 23 Feb 1923, ISt Lazarus' Church, Insein, Burma) married  Peter Olaf DEPAULSEN (b. 19 Mar 1917, Rangoon, Burma, d. 17 Feb 1993, Thornhill, Ontario) on. 3 Apr 1940 at St. Lazurus' Church. Insein, Burma, children : Catherine June DEPAULSEN ( b. 22 Jun 1943, Kanpur, India)

  7. Audrey Mealin (b7/10/1924) m on about 1948 to Walter Snadden

Winifred D'Castro married Edward Charles Octavius MEALIN (b15/9/1897 Rangoon, bp 22/9/1897 St Mary's Catholic Cathedral Rangoon

Thomas D’Castro and Margaret Röst had seven children:

  1. Lionel Joseph D'Castro

  2. Noel D'Castro

  3. Sheila D'Castro

  4. Brian D'Castro

  5. Raymond D'Castro

  6. Maximus Henry D'Castro

  7. Cyril D'Castro

  8. Alfonso D'Castro

Next Generation
Lionel Joseph D’Castro married Enid Mary DAY and they had five children:

  1. Maxwell Christopher D'Castro

  2. Eilief Thomas D'Castro

  3. Harold James D'Castro

  4. Hugh David D'Castro

  5. Heather Margaret D'Castro

Maximus Henry D'CASTRO married Constance Patricia RAVENSCROFT (born ?, Rangoon, Burma).  They had three children:

  1. Michael Henry D'CASTRO (born 12/05/51, Calcutta, India)

  2. Peter Raymond D'CASTRO (born 25/11/52, Calcutta, India)

  3. Maria Theresa D'CASTRO (born 07/10/55, Calcutta, India)

   (info from Peter Raymond D'CASTRO simpsonh@bigpond.net.au  )

Next Generation
Eilief Thomas D'Castro married Roberta EVERARD, children:

  1. Conrad D'Castro

  2. Narelle D'Castro

Harold James D'Castro married Joanne MURPHY, 3 children:

  1. Justin D'Castro (Married Belinda Glindermann),

  2. Brent D'Castro

  3. Aaron D'Castro married Monique King.

Hugh David D’Castro and Mavis Cynthia Jackson had two children

  1. Marcelle Melissa D'Castro

  2. M B D

Heather Margaret D'Castro married Rudolph Noack, children:

  1. Onyx Noack

Next Generation
Marcelle Melissa D'Castro married Damien Thomas Durham and they have :

  1. Kaelan Thomas Anthony Durham.

  2. Trey David Durham (b 2005, Australia)

Aaron D'CASTRO married Monique KING.


info from
Thomas D'CASTRO, merchant, married ??, children:

  1. Boniface D'CASTRO (born 1887 Burma)

Next Generation

Boniface D'CASTRO (born 1887 Burma) married Mabel Caroline TURNER (London 1917)

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