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While still a young man, Edward Herbert D'ARCY changed his name to MEALIN - a purposeful misspelling of his mother's previously married name, and enlisted in the English Army for a period of years.  I have been unable to verify this. After his illegally coming to America, he enlisted in the U.S. Army in March 1911 under the name of Edward Herbert MEALIN and gave his previous occupation as Coal Miner. Prior to his marriage to my mother in 1914, he claimed his real name was D'ARCY and had his name changed. After his initial time in the army, he re-enlisted during World War I and was discharged as Edward H.M. D'ARCY.    Royce Herbert D'ARCY



info from Mike King

William Chadborn MEALING married Mary WILLIAMS, children :

  1. James Henry  (born 5/1/1846, Sweet Brier St., Kings Holm, St. Mary. Gloucester).

Joseph MEALIN (b. Yorkshire (?) d. 23 Apr 1889, Bangalore) married ?, children:

  1. Henry James MEALIN (b. 7/10/1864, d. 12 Oct 1914, Moulmein)

Next Generation

Henry James MEALIN (born 7 Oct 1864, d. 12 Oct 1914, Moulmein) married Sidonie GARNIER ( b. abt 1864, d. 16 Aug 1909, Moulmein), children:

  1. Joseph Archibald MEALIN ( b. 10 May 1892, Rangoon, d. England)

  2. Edward Charles Octavius MEALIN (b. 15 Sep 1897, Rangoon)

Next Generation

Joseph Archibald MEALIN (b. 10 May 1892, Rangoon, bp 17/5/1892 Rangoon (Old Cathedral) d. England)  at St. John's R C Church, Cantonment, Rangoon, on 9 Aug 1913  married Adelaide Philomene D'CASTRO (b22/4/1896), children:

  1. James Mealin (b20/9/1913)

  2. Harry Victor Archibald Mealin (b 11/5/1915) m on 20/8/1942 to Cicely Veronica Baldwin (b18/11/1923 d 13/4/1976,Ottawa)

  3. Kevin Mealin (b17/3/1917) m Margaret Simpson

  4. Marjory Mealin (b9/3/1919) m Frank Dallimer, m Leonard Bigg-Wither

  5. Malcolm Evelyn Mealin (b29/10/1921 Insein, d 6/12/1991 Thornton Heath) m on 29/12/1942 to Honor Fuschia Hogan (b20/8/1922, bp 12/9/1922, Rangoon Cathedral, m Ethel ??

  6. Zena Adelaide Una Mealin (b. 23 Feb 1923, ISt Lazarus' Church, Insein, Burma)

  7. Audrey Mealin (b7/10/1924) m on about 1948 to Walter Snadden

Edward Charles Octavius MEALIN (b. 15 Sep 1897, Rangoon) married Winnifred D'CASTRO., children:

  1. Daphne Mealin m Donald Snadden

Edward Charles Octavius MEALIN (b. 15 Sep 1897, Rangoon) married on 25/3/1916 to Grace Maria QUINLAVIN ( b. abt 1898) at  St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Rangoon


Next Generation

Zena Adelaide Una MEALIN (b. 23 Feb 1923, St Lazarus' Church, Insein, Burma) married  Peter Olaf DEPAULSEN (b. 19 Mar 1917, Rangoon, Burma, d. 17 Feb 1993, Thornhill, Ontario) on. 3 Apr 1940 at St. Lazurus' Church. Insein, Burma, children :

  1. Catherine June DEPAULSEN ( b. 22 Jun 1943, Kanpur, India)

Charles MEALIN married Lilly ?

Iveagh (Ivy) MEALIN married  Owen Hugh GLENVILLE  (advised by )

Charles MEALIN* married Maisie McLEOD

Charles MEALIN* married Mah Ohn


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