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info from Jeff Beale < Jeffrey Beale (b 2/3/1953 Calcutta ) Tel: 020 8669 0450. Thanks for the email... I will check with the family but sadly the older members are no longer here I have lost the 2 greatest know alls of India for information one being my Dad Archiebald Walter Beale we are in the UK and most recently my Dads brother Clayton Beale who with his family live in Sydney. Sorry Ronnie Beale is a name I dont know yet our surnames may create a link between families I am Jeffrey Beale my family came to the UK in 1965 I also went to school as a boarder to Goethals in Kurseong from 1959 to 1963. I have entered my family details to sumgenius on both sides of my parents and hope to carry on filling in more details as it comes along so I hope if anyone would like to expand more of the above names please feel free to make contact also a big hello to Richard and Jackie Teff in Perth. from my mothers side her family were the D'cruz 's of Elliott Road Calcutta and my Mum came from a family of 9 her name was Colleen Dc'ruz / Beale. Russel do you know any of the above in name also one of my cousins her partner is Kim Fonceca and they live in Spain.
let me know if anything fits until then God Bless you and your family.


? BEALE (b.1769?) married ?, Children

  1. Archiebald Walter Beale (b1799?)

Next Generation

Archiebald Walter BEALE (b 18/9/1922 Asansol, migrated to UK in 1965, d 24/8/2002 UK) married Colleen Beatrice D`CRUZ ( b 22nd April 1924), 3 children:

  1. Kevin Archiebald Beale (b1951)

  2. Jeffrey Darrel Beale (b1953, studied at Goethals in Kurseong from 1959 to 1963)

  3. Karon Colleen Beale (b1960)


info from

? BEALE married ?, Children

  1. William Beale (b1769?)

Next Generation

William BEALE (b.1769?) married ?, Children

  1. William George BEALE (b1799, d 8 May 1885 Trivandrum)

Next Generation

William George BEALE (b1799, d 8 May 1885 Trivandrum) married Mary Elizabeth BURBY. William I believe was a Judge. Children:

  1. Edward Benjamin Samuel Beale (b 28 Jul 1838 Quilon)

  2. Jane Mary Beale (b 20 Oct 1842 Alleppey)

  3. David Beale (b 16 Oct 1844 Quilon, d 2 Mar 1856 Ootacamund age 11)

  4. Elizabeth Mary Beale (b 29 Oct 1846 Quilon)

  5. Maria Elizabeth Beale (b 1851) at 15yrs on 16 Apr 1866 in Quilon married Stephen Benjamin SAWYER (b 1841, son of Manuel Sawyer)

Next Generation


William George BEALE (b 1836) married Anne Sarah EVERETT (1) Married (2) Beatrice LA FRENAIS who apparently was a widow.


William George BEALE (b1836) married (his 2nd marriage) Beatrice LAFRENAIS (who apparently was a widow.)


Thomas Charles Beale married Josephine LLOYD, sons Joseph, Linus, Daniel and Ernest
Children Marriage (1)

  1. George Beale

  2. Mary Evelyn Beale

  3. Frederick Charles Beale b. 1870

  4. William Beale

  5. Robert Alexander Beale

  6. Harold Beale

Next Generation

Frederick Charles BEALE (b 1870) married Stella WEGWERMER Their Children;

  1. Vivette Beale

  2. Muriel Beale

  3. Rufus

  4. Earnscliffe Beale

  5. Ivan Beale

  6. Otto Married Daphne BEALE

  7. Ralph Stephen Beale

  8. Edna Married Mona BROWN

Next Generation
Vivette BEALE married Desmond STEVENAGE


Muriel BEALE married Willy STEVENAGE


Earnscliffe BEALE married Alfred LA BOUCHARDIERE




Ralph Stephen BEALE married Ellen Gladys EDMONDS, children:

  1. Frederick Charles b.1935 22.07 d. 24/5/2006

  2. Barbara

  3. Shirley

  4. Micheal

  5. Gerald


info from Sandra Ann JONES

?? BEALE married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Charles Beale

Next Generation

Thomas Charles BEALE married Josephine Louise LLOYD these are their children

  1. Ernest Adolphus BEALE

  2. Joseph BEALE

  3. Linus BEALE

  4. Daniel Charles BEALE

Next Generation

Ernest Adolphus BEALE married Mildred Dorah RICE, children:

  1. Gordon Austin BEALE

  2. Mary Aureen BEALE

  3. Margaret Teresa BEALE

  4. Nancy Maria Celine BEALE

Next Generation

Gordon Austin BEALE married Celine Edna McKENZIE these are their children

1) Lorraine BEALE
2) Ernest Alfred BEALE
3) Sabrina BEALE
4) Leonard BEALE
5) Mildred Beatrice BEALE
6) Barbara BEALE

Mary Aureen BEALE married Patrick Richard MAWDSLEY, these are their children

1) Vivit Mawdsley
2) Patrick Mawdsley
3) Linus Mawdsley
4) Hazel Antonette Mawdsley
5) John Mawdsley

Margaret Teresa BEALE married Cyril Thomas EYLES these are their children (family lived in Pallavaram in the 1960's):

  1. Isabella EYLES

  2. Henry EYLES

  3. Stephen EYLES

  4. Richard EYLES

  5. Georgina EYLES

  6. Elizabeth EYLES

  7. Mable EYLES

  8. David EYLES

Nancy Marie Celine BEALE married Richard Edward GREENWOOD, Children:

  1. Doreen GREENWOOD (died in infancy) Twin

  2. Noreen GREENWOOD (died in infancy) Twin

  3. Joyce Margaret GREENWOOD

  4. Randolph Joseph GREENWOOD

  5. Sandra Ann GREENWOOD

  6. Jeffery Martin GREENWOOD

  7. Clint Anthony GREENWOOD (died)


info from Janelle Boyton & Karen Beale , lillian beale , Ivy , Gavin McNerney , David Beale , Shawn & Sue

?? BEALE married ??, children:

  1. Justin Allen Beale (Bangalore, India)

Next Generation

Justin Allen BEALE (Bangalore, India) married Phyllis Barbara BOYTON.  Children:

  1. Ian BEALE

  2. Jean Priscilla BEALE (b.22/10/1942)

  3. Pamela BEALE

  4. Marilyn Faye BEALE (born 04/03/1946, Casurina St, Bangalore)

  5. Roger BEALE

  6. Barbara BEALE (Dec.)

Next Generation

Ian BEALE married Lilian CRAWFORD - have 2 children - Bangalore

  1. Liane Beale

  2. Stephen Beale

Jean Priscilla BEALE married Earle Mark SUARES (married Bangalore, India).  Divorced 1996, Melbourne, Australia).  Surname changed from Suares to BOYTON  Children:

  1. Caroline Anne Boyton (b.3/3/1967, Bangalore, India)

  2. Floyd Mark Boyton (b.1/10/1968, Bangalore, India)

  3. Steve Michael Boyton (b.2/3/1970, Bangalore, India)

  4. Janelle Anne Boyton (b.16/8/1977, Melbourne, Australia)

Pamela Anne BEALE married Maurice GREIG (Mango Range, Gudalur) on 29/05/1983 at Holy Ghost Church, Richards Town, Bangalore.  They have no children.

Marilyn Faye BEALE (b Bangalore) married Carlton McNERNEY (b Mysore) . Children:

  1. Angela McNerney married Nigel D'VAZ . They have one daughter:
    Nicole D'Vaz (b Melbourne)

  2. Jean McNerney (b Bangalore) married Anthony PALMIER (b Melbourne). They have three children:1) Jarrod Palmier (b Melbourne) 2) Arron Palmier (b Melbourne) 3)Kayla Palmier (b Melbourne)

  3. Gavin McNerney (b Bangalore) married Avril THOMAS (KGF, India) .  They have one daughter: Sinead McNerney (b Melbourne)

  4. Clive McNerney (b Bangalore) married Mary DAS. They have one daughter: Gabrielle McNerney (b Melbourne)

Roger BEALE married Karen OTTER . had ten children:

  1. Craig Anthony Beale

  2. David Allan Beale

  3. susan marlyn beale

  4. Roger Allan Beale

  5. jason alvin beale

  6. peter alister beale

  7. gerard anthony beale (died)

  8. miriam karen beale (died)

  9. john joel beale

  10. keith mark beale

Next Generation

Stephen BEALE married Judy MANION, children:

  1. Natasha Beale

  2. Kyle Beale

                 info from Roger Holmes <

Caroline Anne BOYTON married Eric SORENSEN (12/4/1993, Our Lady's Church, Maidstone, Australia).  Children:

  1. Brittany Anne SORENSEN

  2. Luke Kyle SORENSEN

  3. Ashlynne Brooke SORENSEN (

Floyd Mark BOYTON married Antonella SANFILIPPO .  Children:

  1. Chloe Ann BOYTON

Steve Michael BOYTON married Janine Maree MCKENNER (married 14/12/1996, Melbourne, Australia).  Children:

  1. William James BOYTON (b2002)

Craig Anthony Beale married Cheryl D'SOUZA


David Allan Beale married Caroline d'Rozario, children:

  1. Rebecca Beale

  2. Deavilyn Beale

Susan Marlyn BEALE married Shawn PINTO on 26/12/2003, children:

  1. Sheldon Joel Pinto (b2005)

Roger Allan BEALE (Jnr) married Babara CHUNG on 20/4/2004, children:

  1. Andrew Joseph Beale

  2. Able Jeremiah Beale

David Allan Beale (b1975, Bangalore) married Caroline Joanna D'Rozario (b1969, Bangalore)   Children:

  1. Rebecca Heide Beale (b1997, Bangalore) ,

  2. Deavilyn Auraunah Beale (b1999, Bangalore)


info from

??BEALE married ??, children:

  1. Yvette BEALE

Next Generation

Yvette BEALE married Roger HOLMES, children:

  1. Shawn Holmes

  2. Roberta Holmes

  3. Shania Holmes

  4. Nathan Holmes


info from


John BEALE married Mary ??, children:

  1. Robert William Beale (b 25 Sept 1826 Cawnpore, d 19 Feb 1912)

Next Generation

Robert William BEALE (b 25 Sept 1826 Cawnpore) at 38yrs on 14 Oct 1864 in Ambala married 18yr Sophia Eleanor CONNORS (b 1846 daughter of James Connors), children:

  1. Alice Mary Beale (b 31 Dec 1867 Ambala)

  2. John Percival Beale (b 31 Aug 1870 Chunar, d 26 Aug 1936 Calcutta)

  3. Eleanor May Beale (b 18 May 1872 Chunar)

  4. Emily Maude Beale (b 1874 Calcutta)

Robert William BEALE (b 25 Sept 1826 Cawnpore, d 19 Feb 1912) 2nd marriage at 61yrs on 5 Dec 1887 in Chunar married 38yr Margaret Marriott ? (b 1849 daughter of John Welsh)


Next Generation

Alice Mary Beale (b 31 Dec 1867 Ambala) at 19yrs on 10 Sep 1887 in Benares married 33yr Francis Edward RANGUE (b 1854 son of Francis Joseph Rangue)


John Percival BEALE (b 31 Aug 1870 Chunar, d 26 Aug 1936 Calcutta) on 24 Jan 1899 in Calcutta married Mabel Frances POWER (daughter of Arnold Power), children:

  1. Ivan Robert Arnold Beale (b 28 Oct 1899)

  2. Percival Beale (13 Nov 1900)

  3. Phyllis Mabel Beale (b 15 Nov 1901 Asansol)

  4. Mavis Isabel Beale (b 1903)

  5. Cecil Arthur Beale

  6. Arnold Philip Beale (b 10 July 1907 Tundla)

  7. Mabel Florence Beale (b 1911)

Eleanor May BEALE (b 18 May 1872 Chunar) at 17yrs on 10 Dec 1889 in Cawnpore married 24yr Alfred Reginald PERKINS (b 1865 son of Charles Perkins)


Next Generation

Phyllis Mabel BEALE (b 15 Nov 1901 Asansol) at 18yrs on 11 Feb 1920 married 24yr  Owen Ernest MARTIN (b 1896, son of Charles William Martin) . In the 1920's their children were born in Chunar/Bihar.

  1. Errol Fielding Martin,

  2. Allan Charles Martin ,

  3. Peter Martin,

  4. Percy Martin

  5. Rita Martin.

Mavis Isabel BEALE (b 1903) at 26yr on 23 Mar 1929 in Benares married 35yr Gerald George DORAN (b 1894 son of John Andrew Doran)


Cecil Arthur BEALE on 22 Feb 1933 married Dorothy Muriel Winifred ROGERS (daughter of John Smale Rogers)


Mabel Florence BEALE (b 1911) at 20yrs on 8 Apr 1931 in Allahabad married 34yr widowed James Rawdon HALSEY (b 1897 son of James Halsey)


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