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Thomas McNERNEY married Margaret ?, children:

  1. Thomas McNerney (b 1 Mar 1833 Kurnaul, Bengal)


Charles Henry McNERNEY married Ruth Isabella ?, children:

  1. Thomas Reginald McNerney (b 4 Apr 1896 Madras)


Reginald John McNERNEY married ?, children:

  1. Lucy Bridget McNerney (b1917)

Next Generation

Lucy Bridget McNERNEY (b 29 Nov 1917 Vizag) at 17yrs on 18 Aug 1934 in Rangoon, married 29yr Berkeley McPheron BOUCHE (b 1905 son of Herbert Banjamin Bouche and Margaret)



info from Gavin McNerney  

?? McNERNEY married ??, children:

  1. Carlton McNERNEY (b Mysore)

Next Generation

Carlton McNERNEY (b Mysore)  married Marilyn Faye BEALE (b  Bangalore). Children:

  1. Angela McNerney

  2. Jean McNerney

  3. Gavin McNerney

  4. C McNerney

Next Generation

Angela McNerney married Nigel D'VAZ  in Bangalore. They have one daughter:

  1. Nicole D'Vaz (b  Melbourne)

Jean McNerney (b Bangalore)  married Anthony PALMIER (b Melbourne) .  They have three children:

  1. Jarrod Palmier (b Melbourne)

  2. Arron Palmier (b  Melbourne)

  3. Kayla Palmier (b  Melbourne)

Gavin McNerney  married Avril THOMAS.  They have one daughter:

  1. Sinead McNerney (b Melbourne)


Info from Bryan McNerney <>

?? McNERNEY married ??, children:

  1. Malcolm Francis McNerney (b Mysore)

Next Generation

Malcolm Francis McNerney (b Mysore) married Phyllis Norah JOHNSON (b Secunderabad).  Children:

  1. Terence Joseph McNerney (b Mysore)

  2. D T McNerney (b Mahabubnagar)

Next Generation

Terence Joseph McNerney (b Mysore) married Philomena COLACO . Children:

  1. Bryan Edward McNerney (b 1992 Gulburga),

  2. Eric James McNerney (b 1994 Gulburga).

D T McNerney  married L Jakeman (b UK).

  1. M Jakeman (b UK).

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