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William WOOLRIDGE (b1741, Devon England) married Sarah ROCKEY (b1749, Northlew, Devon, England), children:

  1. Elizabeth

  2. Mary

  3. John

  4. William

  5. Thomas

  6. Sarah

  7. Phillip

  8. James

  9. Thristram

Next Generation:
William WOOLRIDGE (b 1778 Devon, England) married Susanna PHEAR (b1785 Devon, England)

  1. Sarah (b 1817- married PINCOMBE)

  2. William (b 1819)

  3. Thomas (b1822 d 1881)

  4. Susanna (married John KENNARD)

  5.  Anne (b1826 d1836)

Next Generation:
Thomas WOOLRIDGE (b1822, Devon England, d 1881) married Sarah MANUEL

  1. Arthur Woolridge

Arthur Walter WOOLRIDGE (b1834 Bellamy, India, d 1880) married Donella Coyle CHISTENSEN

  1. Dorothy (Dotty)

  2. Wiliam Samuel Thomas

Next Generation:  
Dorothy (Dotty) WOOLRIDGE married Heny SMITH (SYMTHE)

  1. Miriam (married Ronnie CLEUR)

  2. Violet (married NORRIS)

  3. Enid (married ROSS)

  4. Jane (married Derrick CLEUR)

Wiliam Samuel Thomas WOOLRIDGE married Edith WILLIAMSON

  1. Hope (married Olive Gomes)

  2. Royce (married Iris Brady)

  3. Godwin (married Eunice Stewart)

  4. Myrtle (married Norman Akers)

  5. Owen (never married)

Next Generation:

Hope Willoughby WOOLRIDGE (b1920, d1961) married Olive GOMES (b1925, d1989)

  1. Darryl (married Ingrid Reeves)

  2. Walton (married Claudette Anderson)

  3. Bradley (married Linda Williams)

  4. Melinda (married Kirk Royle) - this is ME

Next Generation:  
Darryl Hope WOOLRIDGE married Ingrid REEVES

  1. Barrington (married Anita)

  2. Venetia (married Mark D'Monte)

  3. Karen (married Keith LOBO)

  4. Dominic

Walton Ashley WOOLRIDGE married Claudette ANDERSON

  1. Angela

  2. Gabriella

Bradley Larrimore WOOLRIDGE married Linda WILLIAMS

Melinda Maria Ann WOOLRIDGE married Kirk ROYLE (Leon BAKER (b 1944 d 2003)

  1. Iris

  2. Troy

  3. Adam


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