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info from Patricia Maureen ADIE and Ken Adie

?? ADIE married ??, children:

  1. David Andrew ADIE (Born abt, 1820 UK)

Next Generation:

David Andrew ADIE  (Born abt, 1820 UK) married Elizabeth METCALF, children:

  1. George Andrew ADIE  (Born 23.6.1845 UK)

Next Generation

George Andrew Adie (Born 23.6.1845 UK) married Henrietta FRITCHLEY, children:

  1. George Alexander ADIE (Born 1875)

  2. Earnest William ADIE (Born 1876)

  3. Henrietta Maud ADIE (Born 1877)

  4. Joseph Edward ADIE (Born 16.03.1880 Podannur, India, Died 22.10.1957 Bangalore, India)

  5. Beatrice Henrietta ADIE (Born ??)

  6. Albert Leander ADIE ( Born ??)

Next Generation

Joseph Edward ADIE (Born 16.03.1880 Podannur, India, Died 22.10.1957 Bangalore, India) married Irene Maud RENEAUX (Born2.06.1887. Died 22.10.1963 Bangalore, India), children:

  1. Gertrude Millicent ADIE (b1910. d 1978 UK)

  2. George Lushington ADIE  (b1911 Madras, India. d1989 Adelaide, Australia)

  3. Gladys Leonora ADIE (b 1918.India. d 1988 Perth, Australia)

Next Generation

George Lushington ADIE (b1911, Bangalore) married Marguerite Mary GAUGHAN (b1920, Arkonam). Children

  1. Heather Jean ADIE (b1937 India) spinster now settled in Adelaide, Australia

  2. Kenneth Neville ADIE (b1939 India)

  3. Trevor Winston ADIE (b1941 India)

  4. Cynthia Gwendoline ADIE (b1943 Vijayawada, India)

  5. Derek Brian Adie (b1944 Bijapur, India)

  6. Patricia Maureen Adie (b1946 Bijapur India)

Next Generation

Kenneth Neville ADIE (b1939 India) married Joyce VANDERPUTT, b1942 settled in Adelaide, Australia


Trevor Winston ADIE (b1941 India) married Shirley Ann RODRIGUES, 11/07/1941, settled Adelaide, Australia


Cynthia Gwendoline ADIE (b1943 Vijayawada, India) married Fred DAVID, divorced & re-married Richard Carpenter, settled in  Cincinnati, USA.


Derek Brian Adie (b1944 Bijapur, India) married Jennifer Patricia BIRD, b1945, settled in Adelaide, Australia


Patricia Maureen Adie (born 18/04/1946 Bijapur India) married James Rudolf ROBSON, b1942 in Jolarpet,India, settled in Chennai, India


info from

??ADIE married ??, children:

  1. George ADIE

Next Generation

George ADIE married ??, children:

  1. Fanny Adie (b abt 1827)

Next Generation

Fanny ADIE (Born abt 1827) On 2 Jul 1844 when he was 27, she married Andrew AITKINS. (Born on 6 May 1817 in India. Andrew was baptized on 20 Jul 1817, They had the following children:

  1. Andrew Aitkins. Born abt 1845 in India. At the age of 1, Andrew was baptized in 1846.

  2. Emma Aitkins. b 1849 in India. Emma died in Bellary India in Oct 1850, she was 1. Emma was baptized in India on 7 Aug 1849. Buried on 12 Oct 1850 in Bellary India.

  3. George Loversuch Aitkins. b1850 in Bellary India. George Loversuch was baptized in Bellary India on 5 Nov 1850.

  4. James Robert Aitkins (1851-)

  5. Thomas Aitkins. b1853 in Bellary, Madras, India. Thomas died on 25 Aug 1854, he was 1. Thomas was baptized in Bellary, Madras, India on 17 Aug 1853.

  6. Fanny Jane Aitkins. b1858 in Bellary India. Fanny Jane was baptized in Bellary Madras India on 7 Jul 1858.



info submitted by

??ADIE married ??, children:

  1. Michael ADIE

Next Generation

Michael ADIE married Hyacinth D'MONTE , children :



info from Beverly Miller (nee Reid) We have lived in the US for 10 years now after emigrating from the UK in 1991. We lived in Canada for 7 years.

??ADIE married ??, children:

  1. Ronnie ADIE

Next Generation

Ronnie ADIE  married Florence REID (Bulloo) children:  2 sons

  1. Andre Adie

  2. Ian Adie

Next Generation

Andre ADIE married ??, children:

  1. Ellen Adie

Ian ADIE married ??, children:

  1. Kenesha Adie

  2. Gareth Adie

Andre & I am Ian. We boht have children. He has a daughter, Ellen & I have 2 children a daughter, Kenesha & a son Gareth. We have lived in the US for 10 years now after emigrating from th UK in 1991. We lived in Canada for 7 years.


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