TIMMINS Family Tree

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Hazel TIMMINS married Carlton BONJOUR (b ?, studied at Bitragunta & Hubli Railway Schools, St. George's & Doveton Corrie, Madras). Emigrated to Perth in 1969, children:

  1. Dawn Bonjour

  2. Carol Bonjour


Allwyn TIMMINS married Mai Ann COX (born Hyderabad 1900) : child 

  1. Daphne Dagmar Joy TIMMINS (born 7th Sept 1928

Daphne Dagmar Joy TIMMINS married Norman KLENMAN in Nice France, Feb 2 1951 : children 

  1. Anna Abigail KLENMAN

  2. Alexander Clifton James KLENMAN

(above info supplied by Norman Klenman )


Oliver TIMMINS (b.1935) married Dorothy BROUGHTON (b.1937)


James TIMMINS married  ? Alice : 

  1. James William TIMMINS (1932)

Next Generation

James William TIMMINS married  ? : 

  1. Murray TIMMINS (born 1958)


(Info supplied by John Croft  jca@space.net.au  and Ian TIMMINS)

Cyril TIMMINS married Daisy BIRD, children : 

  1. Cuthbert Dunstan TIMMINS (Bobby), 

  2. George Donald TIMMINS (Puppy), 

  3. Olga Mavis TIMMINS.

Next Generation

Cuthbert Dunstan (Bobby) TIMMINS married Bernadette Marie-Therese Rita MONNIER at Pondicherry, French India on 10/10/1942, children

  1. Ian Cuthbert Godwin TIMMINS 

  2. Joan Bernadette Ingrid TIMMINS

George Donald (Puppy) TIMMINS married Louise (Lou) HART, children

  1. Michael Donald (Hardy) TIMMINS 

  2. Ronald Aubrey TIMMINS

George Donald TIMMINS, after the death of Lou at Perambur, Madras, married Hannah TEXEIRA in Madras.

Olga Mavis TIMMINS married Eric Stewart Gillon DRANE at Podanur, India, children :  

  1. Cherene Jean DRANE

Next Generation

Ian Cuthbert Godwin TIMMINS married Rebecca PIRES from Madras, children

  1. Beverly TIMMINS 
  2. Briony TIMMINS

Joan Joan Bernadette Ingrid TIMMINS married John CROFT, a west Australian from Perth, children :

  1. Susan Bernadette CROFT
  2. John William CROFT (Jnr.)

Michael Donald (Hardy) TIMMINS married Ann Hyacinth HART,

  1. Michelle Ann TIMMINS

  2. Sandra TIMMINS

Ronald Aubrey TIMMINS married Jillian Kerena EDWARDS, children:

  1. Sarah-Jane TIMMINS

Next Generation
Sarah-Jane TIMMINS married Nathan LAMB with two children

  1. Abbey Judith LAMB

  2. Jackson LAMB

Michelle Ann TIMMINS married Graham SWEETING with one child

  1. Benjamin Robert Sweeting  (08/04/2003)
  2. Ruby Lucinda Sweeting  (26/07/06)

Sandra TIMMINS married Christopher HEELAN, children:

  1. Jaide Louise HEELAN (b 2005)

  2. Rialey Christopher HEELAN (b 2007)


Auriel TIMMINS married Hubert Ignatius LEMERLE  : 

  1. Korenza LeMERLE


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