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I am the son of late Patrick Terrence O’Reilly and for some inexplicable reason there is no mention of the O’Reilly surname. I do know that the surname is very rare in India but here must be some mention of my dad somewhere in either military circles (he was some time at Fort St George, Madras), although i do not know in what capacity as he passed on when i was still a kid. I do know he passed on in the year 1954 when he was working at Parrys (Parry & Co) Madras. Can anyone please anyone shine some light on the matter so that i could use such material gleaned in gathering further information which i can pass on to my next of kin. My brother Noek\l & myself were in St Patrick’s Adyar from yrs 1946-58. We were there when AJ FITZPATRICK was principal and ETDUNNE was sports master. Do you remember George Kine/Mr Thompson/Cooton Nana(the Matron) and guys like Johnny Pearce(now deceased)/Lulu Fernandez (now in Melb)/Rudy and Joe Alveyn (now in Melb)/ I migrated to Australia in 1974 but my elder brother Noel still resides in Madras/ I would like to get further details from you as i would like to figure out in which class you were whilst studying in St Patricks. Also any further info reg my background would be appreciated as you may be aware that my Dad passed away when Noel and I were very young/ pl feel free to correspond

?? O'REILLY married ??, children:

  1. Patrick Terrence O'Reilly (worked at Parry & Co, Madras, b ? d 1954)

Next Generation

Patrick Terrence O'REILLY  married ??, children :

  1. Maurice Adolphus O'Reilly (was in St Patrick’s Adyar from yrs 1946-58)

  2. Noel O'Reilly (was in St Patrick’s Adyar from yrs 1946-58)

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