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?? GARDNER married ??, children:

  1. Ellen Gardner

Next Generation

Ellen GARDNER married Blair WILLIAMS (School: Montfort Boys, Yercaud/ 1948-53, College: St Mary's Poona '54-'56, C.Eng (London) ''57-'61, Loyola University USA '77-'79.Very involved in helping less fortunate AI's in India (see Website). We have established a 'Not for profit' organization in the USA. Also written a book on AI's 'Anglo-Indians Vanishing Remnants Of A Bygone Era' In the USA since 1976. Currently Professor of Engineering in New York



Extensive details and photos are available from an excellent website on the Blanchette tree prepared by Eugene Aubrey Blanchette


Ethel Maud GARDNER married Thomas BLANCHETTE, children:

  1. William Lish Blanchette (b 1875)


info from Rachael Nash

?? GARDNER married ??, children:

  1. Elva Merle Gardner (b1933)

Next Generation

Elva Merle GARDNER (b1933) married Charles Ronald NASH, children:

  1. Brian George Walter Nash (b1950)

  2. Ronald Lindsay Nash (b1951)

  3. Leanne Maud Nash (b1957)

  4. Michael John Nash (b1961)

  5. Timothy Gerard Nash (b1965)

  6. Mark Kevin Nash (b1976)


info from 

In Search Of: My father-in-law William Leonard Atkins (Davidson)

?? GARDNER married ??, children:

  1. Shirley Gardner (St. Joseph's High School, Ratlam. St. Teresa's High School, Bandra, Bombay.)

Next Generation

Shirley GARDNER married  ??ATKINS


info from

?? GARDNER married ??, children:

  1. Iona Gardner

Next Generation

Iona GARDNER married Derek BRENDISH (Ricky)


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