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? DUNBAR married ??, children:

  1. Robert Dunbar

Next Generation

Robert DUNBAR married Catherine ?, children:

  1. Elizabeth Margaret Dunbar (b 1783, d age 48yrs 21 Jan 1831 Parish of St Pancras, Middlesex)

Next Generation

Elizabeth Margaret DUNBAR on 15 Jan 1828 at Old Church, St Pancras, London, married Uriah MACEY (b 2 June 1797, baptised  - 2 April 1869), children:

  1. Uriah Robert MACEY (b 11 Jan 1829 Marylebone Middlesex UK, christened 29 March 1829 at Pentonville Claremont, Independent, Clarkenwell, London , d 13 June 1903)

Marriage entry of Uriah & Elizabeth

Death entry of Uriah

Will of Uriah



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? DUNBAR married ??, children:

  1. William Denis Dunbar

Next Generation


William Denis DUNBAR married Sarah Ann (FITZSIMMONS or ? Rabbitt) abt. 1872 in India, children:

  1. Mary Josephine DUNBAR b.1873 married Patrick Mackay 1890 (Descendants to Sth Africa)

  2. Robert Ellesmere DUNBAR ( b.1876 Murree - d.1932 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Robert Ellesmere DUNBAR ( b.1876 Murree - d.1932 Calcutta) married Lena Helena Mabel ROBERTSON - issue:

  1. Denis Fitzsimmons Dunbar - b. Calcutta 1907-1966 Victoria, Australia

Robert Ellesmere DUNBAR ( b.1876 Murree - d.1932 Calcutta) married (his 2nd marriage) Hester Caroline MADDEN (1st cousin to Lena), children (all born in India):

  1. Nigel Gordon Dunbar b. abt 1911

  2. Elaine Athelie Dunbar b.abt 1916

  3. Joan Alison Dunbar b. abt 1918

  4. Baby girl died as infant 1924

Next Generation

Denis Fitzsimmons DUNBAR - b. Calcutta 1907-1966 Victoria, Australia...had 5 wives.

1]  Unknown - India circa 1921-1926 - thought to be European refugee,

2]  Eva PETAVEL married Adelaide, Australia 1928,

3]  Nancy Muriel Slingsby DAVIES married Perth, Australia 1933 (2 issue),

4]  Rysia NABOZNA (nee Andrzjewska) married Bombay, India 1946 (3-4 issue),

5]  Kathleen Doris SMILES married Sydney, Australia 1952


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