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info from Norma Bennett  neabennett@allvantage.com

?? DAVIES married Sylvia (b ? d ?)


(Dorothy FONCECA Born (?) married ?? MARTIN. This has recently come to my attention after the decease of Dorothy's Daughter Sylvia Davies.)



?? DAVIES married ??, children:

  1. Catherine Davies

Next Generation

Catherine DAVIES married Lawrence Peter BULNER, born 13th May 1840,. They had:-

  1. Charles F.A Bulner, born 12th August 1866.

  2. Frederick W Bulner., born 16th Janaury 1872.

  3. Arthur Bulner, born 18th Janaury 1874.

  4. H.Edward Bulner, born 29th September 1875.

  5. Percival Bulner, born 25th July 1877.

  6. Frank Akland Bulner, born 18th October 1879.

  7. John Walter Bulner, born 4th February 1883

  8. Jenny C Bulner., born 4th Janaury 1885


?? DAVIES married ??, children:

  1. Bertram Edward Davies (b 1879)

Next Generation

Bertram Edward DAVIES (b 1879) at 27yrs on 31 Jan 1906 in Agra married 19yrs Eva Beatrice ROSEMEYER (b 12 Oct 1887).



info from Colin Wilton-Davies <waggadee@hotmail.co.uk>

?? DAVIES married ??, children:

  1. William Thomas Davies

Next Generation

William Thomas DAVIES (b 1857 Gibraltar, died 24 May 1944 Jersey, Channel Islands) married Alice Frances Annie Barbara WILTON (b 16 Jan 1859 Sheffield, England) 11 Apr 1887 Coonor, Madras. Children:

  1. Barbara Alice DAVIES (b1887, died 1964 Maidstone, Kent)

  2. Percy William Wilton DAVIES (b 1890 Dover, Kent, died 1975 Jersey, Channel Islands)

  3. Gerald Alfred DAVIES (b 1899 Bombay, India, died 1961 Lewisham, Kent)

  4. Arthur Frederick DAVIES (b 1903 Aldershot, died 1990 Nedlands, Western Australia)

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