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?? DIQUE married ??, children:

  1. John Charles Allan Dique

Next Generation

John Charles Allan DIQUE (b 1915) married Doreen Delta Faith BARTLEY (b 1914 Madras) . Children:

1.     John Dique

2.     Nigel Dique

3.     Mary Dique married ? Boyle

4.     Alixe Dique

5.     Beatrice Dique married ? Green

6.     Patrick Dique

7.     David Dique


info from loretta  mbrownstone6@aol.com

?? DIQUE married ??, children:

  1. Loretta Dique

Next Generation

Loretta DIQUE born 1958, Royapuram, Madras married Audie GARMAN on 14/2/87 at Holy Ghost Church, Bangalore, Children:

  1. Tion Garman (born 10/11/89 Peterborough, UK

  2. Liam Garman (born 28/3/92  Peterborough, UK


info from Nigel William Dique mediafocus@optusnet.com.au and Patrick Dique patrick.dique@gmail.com and from BetGreen62@hotmail.com

?? DIQUE married ??, children:

  1. Francis Dique

Next Generation

Francis DIQUE of Pondicherry married Maria Olivia (?) and moved to Madras, children:

  1. George Dique (8.8.1841-15.2.1917)

Next Generation
George DIQUE (8.8.1841-15.2.1917) married Grace Theresa PRESTON (born 12.6.1861), children:

  1. John Stephen Dique (b 29.10.1889 Royapetta Madras - 29.4.1953)

Next Generation
John Stephen DIQUE (b 29.10.1889 Royapetta Madras - 29.4.1953) married Norah Avice HEYNE (born 18.5.1884), children:

  1. George Daniel Dique born 06/09/1913 Shwebo, Burma

  2. John Charles Allan Dique (5.8.1915 Mandalay Burma - 18.1.1995 Brisbane Australia)

  3. Eve (known as Honey) married Bruce Williams

Next Generation
George Daniel Dique (born 06/09/1913 Shwebo, Burma) married Margaret Ian Duncan 01/01/1942 children:-

  1. Clive Ian Dique 11/11/1942 married lynn Leadbetter 15/05/2007, 

  2. Joy Anne Clare Dique 09/09/1946

  3. David Charles Roger Dique 23/08/1954 married Tracy Price 22/09/2006,

John Charles Allan DIQUE (5.8.1915 Mandalay Burma - 18.1.1995 Brisbane Australia) married Doreen Delta Faith BARTLEY (31.10.1914 Madras - 8.08.2003 Brisbane Australia), children:

  1. John Dique

  2. Nigel William Dique (29.8.1944 Meerut)

  3. Mary Dique married ? Boyle

  4. Alixie Dique

  5. Beatrice Dique married ? Green

  6. Patrick A Dique (Born 7/12/51, Brisbane, Australia)

  7. David Dique

Next Generation

Nigel William DIQUE (29.8.1944 Meerut) married Carol Frances TAYLOR (1.7.1945 Sydney Australia).

Patrick A Dique (Born 7/12/51, Brisbane, Australia) married Leah Scarlett, 1973, children,

  1. David Dique,b 3/3/72,

  2. Alison Dique b15/4/74,

  3. Fiona Dique b25/12/79

Patrick A Dique (Born 7/12/51, Brisbane, Australia), married Michele Bellette, 1987, Children,

  1. Amber Dique-Bellette, b6/5/86,

  2. Sophia Dique, b30/10/89,

  3. Tristan Dique, b7/8/91

      (info from Patrick A Dique yorra@bigpond.com )


info from Allen Wilfred Roberts allenroberts@iinet.net.au

?? DIQUE married ??, children:

  1. Marjorie Bridgette DIQUE

Next Generation

Marjorie Bridgette DIQUE on 27th Sep 1939 at the church of Angles Pondicherry, married Stanley Hycinth Lionel ROBERTS, children:

  1. Allen Wilfred ROBERTS (Born 14/08/1940 Pondicherry.)

  2. Alfred Nelson ROBERTS (Born 10/11/1941 Madras.)

  3. Christopher Matthew Roberts (Born 06/08/1943 Madras)

  4. Edward Canute ROBERTS (Born 19/01/1947 Madras)

  5. Mary ROBERTS (Born 01/02/1949 BANGALORE).


info supplied by Connie JOSEPH (nee LAZARO) conniejoseph@home.com 

?? DIQUE married ??, children:

  1. Dan Dique

Next Generation

Dan DIQUE married Rita LAZARO, 2 sons:  

  1. Eric DIQUE, 

  2. Vernon DIQUE.


info from gdique@channel4.co.uk & Bruce & Geraldine D'Costa  BGDCOSTA@bigpond.com , Andrew Dique adique@hotmail.com

?? DIQUE married Viola Ann STEVENAGE (b 28/5/1917, Madras, d 10/12/1999 UK.. taught at St. Mary's, Madras and in the UK), children:

  1. Trevor Dique

  2. Gregory Dique (b 12/4/1951)

Next Generation

Trevor DIQUE from London (formerly from Royapuram) married Clarissa Elizabeth D'COSTA, and are now resident in Sussex UK
They have 2 children:

  1. Rebecca Dique

  2. Samantha Dique

Gregory DIQUE (born 12/3/51) married Scherel PAULL (DOB 11/7/56),three children;

  1. Andrew James Dique (DOB 21/5/80),

  2. Fiona Caroline Dique (DOB 30/1/82)

  3. Michael Gregory Dique (DOB 16/7/86.

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