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info from Kurt Daniells <kurt779_rulz@hotmail.com

?? DANIELLS married ??, children:

  1. Bernard Anthony Daniells (b1929, Madras )

Next Generation

Bernard  Anthony DANIELLS (b1929, Madras ) married Millecent Philomena RYDER (b1931, Kolar Goldfields ) . Children:

  1. Stephen Bernard Daniells (b. 3/7/1957, Madras),  

  2. John Curtiz Daniells (b. 21/12/1958 Madras)

  3. Dwayne Michael Daniells (b. 25/8/1960, Madras)

  4. Keith Brian Daniells(b. 6/4/1962, Madras)

  5. Birdwood Mark Daniells(b. 14/11/1964, Bombay)

  6. Clayton Bede Daniells (b. 18/8/1967, Bombay)

  7. Anna Maria Daniells(b. 29/12/1968, Bombay)

Next Generation

Stephen Bernard DANIELLS (b 1957, Madras) married Caroline Mary BOWER (b1966, Podanur) . Children:

  1. Kurt Robert Francis Daniells (b1993 Melbourne),  

  2. Krystal Elizabeth Daniells(b1995 Melbourne)


info from Marianne DANIELLS  gypsy.rover@bigpond.com

?? DANIELLS married ??, children:

  1. Edward Land Daniells

Next Generation

Edward Land DANIELLS (Printer) Married Levenia ? , Children:

  1. Edward DANIELLS (Signaller) born 25 July 1872 Died 13 April 1910 baptized in the Roman Catholic Church Britalkhana

Next Generation

Edward DANIELLS (Signaller) born 25 July 1872 Died 13 April 1910 baptized in the Roman Catholic Church Britalkhana married Martha CARRINGTON Born around 1865 Died around 1965, Children:

  1. Martha Harriett Catherine Daniells Born 6 October 1897, Baptised 24 Dec 1897 baptized in the Boitekhana Church, Baliaghatte.

  2. Edward Frederick Daniells Born 25 Dec 1899, Baptised 1 Jan 1900.

  3. Kate Daniells

  4. Beatrice Daniells 

  5. Charlotte Daniells

  6. Joseph Daniells - never married

  7. Frank Daniells

  8. Dora Daniells

  9. Edward Land Daniells (Ward Keeper-Railway) born 25 Dec 1900 Died 11 Aug 1975

Next Generation

Kate Daniells Married Arthur ELLIOT Children:

  1. Phyllis.

Beatrice Daniells  Married Jim GLASS


Charlotte Daniells Married Edward ROWLAND, children:

  1. Austin Rowland

  2. Yvonne Rowland

  3. Brian Rowland

  4. Rita Rowland

  5. Rene Rowland

  6. Barbara Rowland.

Frank Daniells married Mary FLEURY - no children


Dora Daniells married Reginald NOSEWORTHY.  Re-married George MATTHEWS


Edward Land Daniells (Ward Keeper-Railway) born 25 Dec 1900 Died 11 Aug 1975 Married Florence May PRESSWELL born 29 Mar 1908 Died 8 Oct 1986, Children:  

  1. Algernon Daniells Born 19??  Died 1927,

  2. Desmond Theodore Edward Daniells Born 1 Aug 1927, Bapt 21 Aug 1927 baptized in Calcutta, Olga born 27 Jul 1924 ,

  3. Wilmuth Edward Land Daniells Born 18 May 1933, Bapt 25 May 1933 baptized in St Theresa’s Church Calcutta. Parents lived in Saidpur at the time of birth,

  4. Horatio Ian Daniells Born 1835 or 1837


info submitted by Glenn Daniells Glenn_daniells@bigpond.com.au

?? DANIELLS married ??, children:

  1. Cyril DANIELLS (born 7/4/1928)

Next Generation

Cyril DANIELLS (born 7/4/1928) married Brenda XAVIER (born 26/7/1929). Children:

  1. Carlton Peter Daniells (born 16/4/1953, Madras, India)

  2. Glenn Patrick Daniells (born 10/10/1954, Royapuram, Madras, India)

  3. Eugene Phillip Daniells (born 6/12/1955, Madras, India,

  4. Oswald Thomas Daniells (Tommy) (born 4/1/1960, Madras, India),

  5. Gordon Cyril Daniells (born 14/9/1967, Madras, India)

Next Generation

Glenn Patrick DANIELLS (born 10/10/1954, Royapuram, Madras) on 10/10/1981 at St Gerard's Majella, Balga, Perth, West Australia, married Elizabeth RODRIGUES (born 11/02/1960) . Children:

  1. Shaun Glenn Daniells (born 11/04/1983, KEMH, Perth WA)

  2. Shane Luke Daniells (born 04/11/1984, KEMH, Perth WA)

  3. Matthew William Daniells (born 02/09/1986, KEMH, Perth WA)


info to be submitted by Lexa Daniells (nee Barker) lexadaniells@shaw.ca

I have noticed that one of the schools that some Anglo Indians like myself attended is not listed. St. Thomas High School (run by the sisters of St. Charles Convent) in Lingarajpuram, Bangalore, South India. It used to be co-ed until the 2nd Standard after which most  boys attended St. Germain School, St. Joseph's School or any of the other Protestant schools like Clarence, Bishop Cottons, Baldwins etc.  I visited my old school in 1998 January when I was on a holiday in Bangalore. My maiden name was BARKER. Just wondering if someone had more information on the old school. You have done a wonderful job on the website. Thanks for your time. Regards  Lexa 


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