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info from Christine Pauchard  cdrozario12@hotmail.com

?? FLEURY married ??, children:

  1. Lorraine Fleury

Next Generation

Lorraine FLEURY, married Derrick DAVIDS,  children,

  1. Desmond Davids,

  2. Luke Davids,


info from Allen D'Roza  adroza@yahoo.co.in
?? FLEURY married ??, children:

  1. Hazel FLEURY (born 22/11/1950, Mysore)

Next Generation

Hazel FLEURY (born 1950, Mysore) on 05/06/1976 at Nagapatinam, married Allen D'ROZA (born 1949, Bangalore). Children:

  1. Alistair Edward (born 14/05/1977, Kolar Gold Fields, India)

  2. Earl Leonard (born 22/06/1980, Kolar Gold Fields, India)

  3. David Andrew (born 13/08/1987, Kolar Gold Fields, India)


info courtesy of Mike Larkum  mick@larkumnet.freeserve.co.uk , homepage http://www.larkumnet.freeserve.co.uk/main.html , (Oriental and India Office, Records)

info from Janelle Boyton  boytonj@bigpond.com Mark Suares  marksuares@hotmail.com , Belinda Suares suares.belinda@gmail.com , Neal Guy Augustus Suares suaresneal@optus.net.au

?? FLEURY married ??, children:

  1. Patrick FLEURY

Next Generation

Patrick FLEURY married Mary Dorothy SUARES (b 25 Apr 1899 Nursingapuram, India.) , children:

  1. Mona FLEURY

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