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info from Maria deRosario mia_derosario@yahoo.com

Looking for any information to complete this family tree. My Grandmother, Maggie deRosario had several brothers and sisters who have migrated to different parts of the world (mostly England and Australia). Would like to get in touch with anyone who knows the O’Brien’s from Villapuram and Madras.

Hubert deRosario (from Villapuram) married Maggie O’BRIEN married  Children:

  1. Rudolph (Tony) deRosario (died Jan 18 2006 in Australia)
  2. Lourd (Bobby) deRosario
  3. Phyllis deRosario
  4. Noel deRosario
  5. Winston deRosario (died when he was 8 yrs old)

Next Generation

Rudolph (Tony) deRosario married Charmine Frank (died Nov 20 1994.Children:

  1. Candida deRosario (Melbourne, Australia)

Lourd (Bobby) deRosario married Rita McCOY (from Podanur). Children:

  1. Winston deRosario married Anita Sinclair (Bangalore, India), children: Chantelle deRosario
  2. Maria deRosario (Bangalore, India)

Phyllis deRosario married Frank Martin (Paris, France). Children.

  1. Hubert Martin
  2. Therese Martin

Noel deRosario married ? Children:

  1. Bridget deRosario married??, children: 1. Stephanie
  2. Hubert deRosario married??, children:1. Michelle deRosario
  3. Margaret deRosario
  4. Basil deRosario
  5. Martin deRosario
  6. Veronica deRosario

Next Generation

Winston deRosario married Anita SINCLAIR (Bangalore, India), children:

  1. Chantelle deRosario


Flo D'ROSARIO of Yercaud, on 29th Dec 1956 at St. Thomas Mount, Madras, married Duncan PEARS (Teacher in Montfort School). Currently in the U.K., children:

  1. Rita PEARS (died 1960)
  2. Geraldine PEARS
  3. Tony PEARS
  4. Joe PEARS
  5. David PEARS

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