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Joseph Albert CROWE (born 27th June 1871 at Blacktown Church, Madras. He was baptised at St. Mathia's Church, Vepery on 19th July 1871.) His first marriage was to Mary Ann HOAD, on 24th May 1894, Children :

  1. Ethel Rebecca Crowe born 30/04/1895, at Madras, baptised on 24/03/1895 at St. Thomas Mount, died 11/04/1984 at Stevanage, Herts UK,
  2. Winifred Ann Crowe born 6/06/1896, baptised 2/06/1896 at St Thomas Mount, Tajor. Went to Lady Harding's Medical College, in 1916,
  3. Frederick Albert Crowe  born 21/09/1897, baptised 16/10/1897 at Bellary.

Joseph Albert CROWE on 2/5/1900 married, 2nd marriage, Lucy SEDDON (Lucy CROWE died 29/10/1922 aged 45 years. Cause of death, diabetic coma, cardiac failure, buried 30/10/1922 at St Mark's Church, Bangalore,Oossoor Cemetry.) children:

  1. Marjorie Olive Crowe (born on September 20th  1902 at Ghaziabad, baptised on 9th October 1902, went to St Helen's Convent, Kuseong, Near south of Darjeeling.
  2. Millicent Lucilla Crowe( born 4/07/1905 baptised 22/10/1902 at Ghaziabad    Died at the age of 19?. )
  3. Rolland Vivian Crowe (born 2/04/1904 baptised 22/06/1902 at Ghaziabad.)

Next Generation

Marjorie Olive CROWE (born on September 20th  1902 at Ghaziabad, baptised on 9th October 1902, died in Bournemouth, England on 16th November 1988.) married ? SKEET : son

  1. Bryan Skeet

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