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Info supplied by Bryan SKEET of Perth (  babs@nw.com.au   )

Mary Ann HOAD married on 24/5/1894 Joseph Albert CROWE (born 27th June 1871 at Blacktown Church, Madras. He was baptised at St. Mathia's Church, Vipery on 19th July 1871.)  Children :

  1. Ethel Rebecca Crowe (born 30/04/1895, at Madras, baptised on 24/03/1895 at St.Thomas Mount, died 11/04/1984 at Stevanage, Herts UK)
  2. Winifred Ann Crowe (born 6/06/1896, baptised 2/06/1896 at St Thomas Mount, Tajor. Went to Lady Harding's Medical College, in 1916)
  3. Frederick Albert Crowe (born 21/09/1897, baptised 16/10/1897 at Bellary).


 info from Chris & Jane BEATTY CBeatty2SR@aol.com 

Lorraine Sylvia HOAD married Robert Francis BEATTY (b 1964). Children are:

  1. Sam Richard Beatty b 1994  

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