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info from Yvonne McMahon y_mcmahon@hotmail.com


?? XAVIER married ??, children:

  1. Noreen Xavier

Next Generation

Noreen XAVIER married  Ralph McMahon (b1911, Mazagon, Bombay; moved to Burma)



info from keithmitch@bigpond.com.au

?? XAVIER married ??, children:

  1. Millicent Jane Xavier (born in Madras)

Next Generation

Millicent Jane XAVIER (b Madras) married William Henry MITCHELL (b Middlesex UK), children:

  1. George Mitchell (died 1970, Calcutta)

  2. Frank Mitchell

  3. Archie Mitchell (died in India)


info submitted by Nelson Xavier xanadunx@gmail.com


?? XAVIER married ??, children:

  1. Clement Xavier (b1902)

Next Generation

Clement XAVIER (b1902) MARRIED MARY ?? (b1915)

  1. Macy Xavier ( b 1935, Thane - Bombay, d 2005

  2. Nancy Xavier ( b 1937,Thane, Bombay, d 2004)

  3. Tony Xavier ( b1939 Thane - Bombay - d1991)

  4. Hansel  Xavier ( b1949, St John the Baptist Church Thane, Bombay).

  5. Trevor Xavier ( b1953, d 2004)

  6. Nelson  Xavier (b1958, St John The Baptist Church Thane Bombay )

Next Generation
Nelson XAVIER (b1958, St John The Baptist Church Thane Bombay ) married Wendy ALLEN ( b1965, St John The Baptist Church Thane - Bombay.

  1. Wilander Xavier ( b 1988, St. John The Baptist Church Thane - Bombay )

  2. Nicole Xavier ( b 1991, St. John The Baptist Church Thane - Bombay )


Info supplied by Karen COLLINS (nee Xavier) 18/2/2000.  collinsek@aol.com.au 

?? XAVIER married ??, children:

  1. Frank Anthony XAVIER (b1862)

Next Generation

Frank Anthony XAVIER (b1862) married Silvia ?? . Children: 

  1. Aileen Catherine XAVIER (b1893), 

  2. Eugene XAVIER (b1894) 

  3. John Francis XAVIER (b1895), 

  4. Annie XAVIER (b1897), 

  5. Oswald XAVIER (b1898).

Next Generation

Aileen Catherine XAVIER
married Lambert HOPWOOD, children: 

  1. Marguerite Hopwood (b1924), 

  2. Joyce Hopwood (b1926), 

  3. Queenie Hopwood (b1929).

John Francis XAVIER married Phyllis HELLEIN, children : 

  1. Herbert (Bubbles) XAVIER (b1925), 

  2. Donald XAVIER b1926), 

  3. Ralph (Dinky) XAVIER (b1932), 

  4. Derek XAVIER (b1939).

Annie XAVIER married Charles GOMES, children: 

  1. Barbara Gomes (Babs) (b1927).

Oswald XAVIER married May ANDERSON, children : 

  1. Brenda XAVIER (b1929), 

  2. Terrance XAVIER (b1930).

Next Generation

Herbert XAVIER (Bubbles) married Mona FLORY, children:

  1. Ian XAVIER

Donald (Don) XAVIER (changed name to mother’s maiden name) married Barbara GOMES, children: 

  1. Glynis XAVIER, 

  2. Lorraine XAVIER.

Ralph (Dinky) XAVIER married May JOSEPH, children: 

  1. Gerard XAVIER, 

  2. Jacqueline XAVIER (Jackie) (studied at Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Yercaud, Salem District 1971-82. Now in Melbourne)

  3. Karena XAVIER (Karena).

Derek XAVIER married Leonie ALMEIDA, children :

  1. Vanora XAVIER, 

  2. Conrad XAVIER.

Brenda XAVIER (b1929) married Cyril DANIELLS (b1928), children:

  1. Carlton Peter Daniells (b1953, Madras, India)

  2. Glenn Patrick Daniells (b1954, Royapuram, Madras, India)

  3. Eugene Phillip Daniells (b1955, Madras, India,

  4. Oswald Thomas Daniells (Tommy) (b1960, Madras, India),

  5. Gordon Cyril Daniells (b1967, Madras, India)

(info submitted by Glenn Daniells Glenn_daniells@bigpond.com.au )

Next Generation

Ian XAVIER married Jacqueline DENNIS

Jacqueline XAVIER (Jackie) (studied at
Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Yercaud 1971-82. Now in Melbourne) married Rency JACKSON , children:

  1. Calvin Jackson

(info from renjacjackson@optusnet.com.au )

Karen XAVIER married Elvis COLLINS, children: 

  1. Joshua Collins 

  2. Liam Collins

Vanora XAVIER married Dietmar JURGENSEN



?? XAVIER married ??, children:

  1. Michael Xavier

Next Generation

Michael XAVIER married Melodie Anne MYERS, children :

  1. Darren Aidan XAVIER (b1999)


info submitted by candy_shaney@yahoo.com

?? XAVIER married ??, children:

  1. Shane Xavier

Next Generation

Shane XAVIER married Candice NASH



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