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info from Samantha King

?? McMahon married ??, children:

  1. Josephine Mary McMahon (born 1879)

Next Generation

Josephine Mary MCMAHON (b 1879) on 20/1/1897, Gorakhpur, married Albert Edward MELLOR (Occupation states 'Guard' with B&NW Railway, Lucknow.).   Children:

1. Florence Grace MELLOR (born 22/6/1989)
2. Patricia V. MELLOR (born 22/4/1900, Gorakhpur, India)
3. Vivian Ivan MELLOR (born 3/2/1902), Gorakhpur, India), (death 24/7/1968, London, England)
4. Irene V MELLOR (born 4/8/1903, Gorakhpur, India)
5. Edna Mable MELLOR (born 12/6/1905, Gorakhpur, India), (death 6/11/1991, Kent, England)
6. Eva Mary MELLOR (born 9/12/1911, Gorakhpur, India), (death 4/5/1988, Kent England)



info from yvonne mcmahon : I am to contact any members of Henry McMahon who lived in Fraser Town Banglore. His wife's name was Dorothy, he had sons called Ralph, Patrick, and Walter and also had daughters names not known. Walter was in love with Joyce who later married someone else and moved to England. Ralph Mcmahon moved to Burma during the war and married Norine Xavier. If any one knows the whereabouts of these families, I would love to contact them. Ralph McMahon was born on the 3rd august 1911 in Mazagon Bombay India.


?? McMAHON married ??, children:

  1. Henry McMahon

Next Generation

Henry McMahon, lived in Fraser Town, Bangalore. married Dorothy ??, children:

  1. Ralph McMahon (b 3/8/1911, Mazagon, Bombay; moved to Burma)

  2. Patrick

  3. Walter

  4. 2 daughters

Next Generation

Ralph McMahon (b 3/8/1911, Mazagon, Bombay; moved to Burma) married Noreen XAVIER




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