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?? SAXBY married ??, children:

  1. Samuel Edwin SAXBY (b Sept 1891 Khandwa)

Next Generation

Samuel Edwin SAXBY (b Sept 1891 Khandwa). Retired driver on BB&CI Railway., married Inis Mary RALSTON in Gangapur City . They had 4 sons:

  1. Edwin William Saxby (1922-1995) Deputy Commissioner of Police

  2. Ashlyn Maurice Saxby -1924 Gangapur City, Ashlyn represented India in many sports such as Hockey , Soccer and Athletics.

  3. Desmond Claude Saxby - (b 1926 Bulsar, d sept 2006)

  4. Carlton John Saxby 1932- 1985 Bulsar

Next Generation
Edwin William SAXBY (1922-1995) Deputy Commissioner of Police- married Avis DUTTON and had 2 Children 

  1. Edwina Blossom Saxby

  2. Adrian Warren Saxby

Ashlyn Maurice SAXBY (b1924 Gangapur City)  married Patricia O'LEARY Bhuswal/ Igatpuri. Emigrated to Perth, Australia in 1974 They have 3 children:

  1. Brian Mark Saxby (b 1962)

  2. Debra Leslie Saxby (b1965 )

  3. Jennifer Anne Saxby (b1967 )

Desmond Claude SAXBY (b 1926 Bulsar, d sept 2006) married Myra RICHARDSON. Emigrated to Perth 1964, .2 children ,

  1. Marilyn Saxby

  2. Cheryl Ann Saxby

Carlton John SAXBY (1932- 1985 Bulsar) married Pamela ASHTON , 1 child:

  1. Christine Anne Saxby (b 1961)

Next Generation

Edwina Blossom SAXBY  married Keith GORE and have 2 children

  1. Tanya Gore married Ajay Pullat - December 11th 1999

  2. Ryan Gore married Nisha Miranda - May 06th 2006

           (info from Tanya Pullat (nee Gore)


Adrian Warren Bruce SAXBY  married Crystal Angel MEYERS 1 child

  1. Achilles Edwin Alfred Saxby (b June 1990).

Brian Mark SAXBY 1962 married Caroline MORGAN and have 2 children :

  1. Ashleigh Sarah Saxby (b1993 )

  2. Ryan Saxby (b1997)

Debra Leslie SAXBY 1965 Married Pat ARMOUR and had 3 boys :

  1. Travis Armour (b1986)

  2. Kyle Armour (b 1989)

  3. Luke Armour (b 1999)

Jennifer Anne SAXBY 1967 married Gregory CURRIE and had 1 child:

  1. Devon Currie (b1992).

Marilyn Saxby married Ian DOUTCH they have two sons:

  1. Darius Doutch (b 1971 or 1972) married Clare Dicey and they have a Daughter Siannay (b 2006)

  2. Darian Doutch (b 1981).

Cheryl Ann Saxby married Peter John LALOR and they have four children,

  1. Peter James Lalor (b1980)

  2. Lauren Anne Patricia Lalor (b 1982) married Jesse Jerome Christensen and they have one child, Imijen Ellen Christensen (b 2004)

  3. Katrina Jeanette Lalor (b 1986)

  4. Maddison Dianna Lalor (b 1996).


info from


?? SAXBY married ??, children:

  1. Daphne Saxby

Next Generation

Daphne SAXBY married Allan V LOVERY. Allan and family stayed in India and like his father he was a Guard on the Railway based in Khurda Road. Allan passed away in 1986. They had 2 daughters and 1 son. I believe Daphne and the rest of family are all still in India:

  1. Olson Lovery

  2. Mary Lovery

  3. Shelley Lovery


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