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Hi there....I dont know how this works but this is the message i would like to be on the site. Looking for relatives or any info of my Anglo Indian grandmother. Her name was Merlyn Dorris Dutton, born Bangalore c1902. Her father was George Dutton, and was a lawyer.She may have had a brother Charlton? She had a son Noel, in 1922, and married the father Henry Hume (british army), and came back to live in the uk. Any info at all would be appreciated please contact elaineelsom@hotmail.co.uk  thank you


?? DUTTON married ??, children:

  1. George Dutton

Next Generation

George DUTTON (lawyer) married ??, children:

  1. Merlyn Dorris Dutton, born Bangalore c1902

  2. ?

Next Generation

Merlyn Dorris DUTTON, born Bangalore c1902, married Henry HUME (British Army), children:

  1. Noel Hume (b 1922)


info from kenmay@vsnl.net & devonc@tpg.com

?? DUTTON married ??, children:

  1. Charles Norbert Dutton

Next Generation

Charles Norbert DUTTON married ??, children:

  1. Frank Dutton

Next Generation

Frank DUTTON married Margaret MULLEN (D/O John West Mullen.) They had six children,

  1. Avis Dutton,

  2. John Dutton,

  3. Ian Dutton ,

  4. Lorna Dutton ,

  5. Aubrey Dutton

  6. Kenneth Dutton.

Next Generation
Avis DUTTON married Edwin William SAXBY (1922-1995) Deputy Commissioner of Police,  2 Children 

  1. Edwina Blossom Saxby

  2. Adrian Warren Saxby

Ian Dutton married Helen PULMAN,

Lorna Dutton married Eric LOPEZ,

Aubrey Dutton married Virginia MacInnes

Kenneth Dutton married Mary HILL.


info from Lorraine Reghelini lreghelini@hotmail.com

?? DUTTON married ??, children:

  1. Neville Frank Dutton

Next Generation


Neville Frank DUTTON married Jacinta GOMES children

  1. Warren Frank Dutton

  2. Roseanne Renuka Dutton

  3. Diane Denise Dutton

Ian Conrad DUTTON married Joanne ?? children

  1. Ilyanna Martha Dutton

  2. Arianne Dutton

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