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Can anybody assist me . My father Alfred Patterson-Hyde went to LaMartiniere College in Calcutta leaving about 1944. Then joining the Indian army in Assam. He also had a cousin by the name of Garth Hyde that went to the same school. I guess around the same time. Edward PATTERSON-HYDE

info from Carlton Isaaks
Graham Patterson married Carley Russel, Their daughter:

  1. Indiana Patterson

Gail Patterson married Marc Nunes, Their daughter:

  1. Lara Nunes


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?? PATTERSON married ??, children:

  1. Elizabeth Patterson

Next Generation

Elizabeth PATTERSON from Trichy married John ELLIS (spent some time in Africa, Yemen during the 1920-30's.Died in 1983 or so. Was in the Royal Medical Corps in India (North) Resided in Nainital, India ) . children:

  1. Eldon Ellis

  2. Phillip Ellis

  3. Aubrey Ellis


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?? PATTERSON married ??, children:

  1. Anto Patterson

Next Generation

Anto PATTERSON  married Aureen Philomena PEREIRA (born 13 Oct.1939, †died 22 Sep.1996, aged 57) (3 children)

  1. Joseph Patterson (Bunty)

  2. Anita Patterson

  3. Lloyd Patterson (born 07/08/56)

Next Generation

Joseph Patterson married Grace ??, and have three children,

  1. Ashley Patterson

  2. Brooke Patterson

  3. Claire Patterson 

Anita Patterson married Roger MELLOR and have three children,

  1. Kirstie Mellor

  2. Rachael Mellor

  3. Lucus Mellor 

Lloyd Patterson (born 07/08/56) married Neicia EVENS and have three children,

  1. Jessica Patterson

  2. Nathan Patterson

  3. Joshua Patterson


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