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John MELLOR married ??Children:

  1. Thomas MELLOR (born c.1822)


Thomas MELLOR (born c.1822) married Annie Elizabeth LLOYD 15/02/1871 at Balarum.  Children:


1.   Albert Edward Lafond Mellor (born 8/12/1871 Black Town)

2.   Thomas Charles Mellor (born 18/8/1873 Secunderabad)

Next Generation

Albert Edward Lafond MELLOR (born 8/12/1871 Black Town) married Josephine Mary MCMAHON (born 1879) on 20/1/1897, Gorakhpur.  Occupation states 'Guard' with B&NW Railway, Lucknow. Children:

1. Florence Grace MELLOR (b 22/6/1989)
2. Patricia V. MELLOR (b 22/4/1900, Gorakhpur, India)
3. Vivian Ivan MELLOR (b 3/2/1902), Gorakhpur, India), (d 24/7/1968, London, England)
4. Irene V MELLOR (b 4/8/1903, Gorakhpur, India)
5. Edna Mable MELLOR (b 12/6/1905, Gorakhpur, India), (d 6/11/1991, Kent, England)
6. Eva Mary MELLOR (b 9/12/1911, Gorakhpur, India), (d 4/5/1988, Kent England)

Next Generation

Vivian Ivan MELLOR (b 3/2/1902), Gorakhpur, India, d 24/7/1968, London, England) married Phyllis Maud HAMILTON on 30/6/1926, Kharagpur, India, occupation states 'Improver'.  Children:

  1. Duncan Anthony I MELLOR (born 29/10/1945, India), (death 8/1996, London, England)

  2. Barbara MELLOR

  3. Agnes MELLOR

Edna Mable MELLOR married Cyril Edmund HAMILTON in 1928, India.  Children:

  1. Gwendoline Jean HAMILTON

Eva Mary MELLOR (born 9/12/1911, Gorakhpur, India, d 4/5/1988, Kent England) on 13 or 14 January 1931, India, at St Mary's Catholic Church, Benares, married Edwin Charles William KING (born17/11/02 India), children"

  1. Coleen Mary KING (born 27/11/1931, Barauni Junction, India, d December 2006, India)

  2. Caryle Vincent KING (born 1934, India)

  3. Aubrey Donald Joseph KING (born 1/9/1937, Barauni Junction, India)

  4. Neville KING (born 31/12/1940, India)

  5. Collette KING (born3/1943, India)

  6. Ashley KING (born 11/1945, India)

  7. Alwyn KING (born 3/1947, India)


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?? MELLOR married ??, children:

  1. Roger Mellor

Next Generation

Roger MELLOR married Anita PATTERSON and have three children,

  1. Kirstie Mellor

  2. Rachael Mellor

  3. Lucus Mellor 

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