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info from Jean Roberts.  have never been able to find out more about Isabella Massey

?? MASSEY married ??, children:

  1. Isabella Massey (b 1819)

Next Generation

Isabella MASSEY (b 1819) at 14yrs on 11 Feb 1833 in Agra married 24yr Edward ROBERTS (c 28 May 1809 Cawnpore, son of Robert & Elizabeth Roberts). Edward became the Headmaster of the Delhi College and died in the massacre at the Red Fort in 1857 together with one of his young sons.



info from Jean Andrews


?? MASSEY married ??, children:

  1. Miranda Estina Massey

Next Generation

Miranda Estina MASSEY married James Jonathan ROBERTS (b 7 Jan 1887, c 10 Feb 1887 Nowgong), children:

  1. Cynthia Beryl Roberts (b 7 Jun 1931, c 23 Aug 1931 Allahabad)


info from gerald daly


?? MASSEY married ??, children:

  1. Marguerite Massey

Next Generation

Marguerite MASSEY (Lahore, then British India), married Joseph Egbert DALY (b Kotagiri d 1958 Podanur). Children:

  1. Gerald Desmond Desmiere Daly ( Melbourne, Australia)

  2. Roy Kenneth Daly. (Bangalore - India.)

  3. Jenny Eva Daly. (Chennai-India.)

  4. Irial Thelma Daly ( Abu-Dhabi.) (Coimbatore.)

  5. Elizabeth Patricia Daly. (Goa- India.)

  6. Regina Celine Daly. (Chennai- India.)

  7. William Christopher Daly. (Melbourne)

  8. Joseph Egbert Daly. (Bobby) (Melbourne)


info from June Brown

? MASSEY(said to have been with the royal engineers seconded to a princely state) married ?, children :  

  1. Martin Lewin MASSEY, (born 28 January 1864, died in Kharagpur 5th August 1938)

  2. Joe MASSEY, 

  3. Alf MASSEY, 

  4. Elizabeth MASSEY, 

  5. Jessica MASSEY.

Next Generation

Martin Lewin MASSEY (born 28 January 1864, died in Kharagpur 5th August 1938) married  Rachael Louise WALLINGTON (born 9 July 1876, died Kharagpur 10 Aug 1945)  at Christ Church Chunar on the 3rd December 1894.(Rachael Louise's father was said to be an indigo planter from Ireland) children : They had 10 children but only five survived 

  1. Gwen MASSEY, 

  2. Reginald MASSEY, 

  3. Eric MASSEY

  4. Sylvie MASSEY (died),  

  5. Frank MASSEY (still alive and well at 94 years in 2001).

(Martin Lewin Massey was Traffic Inspector S M Rly Poona on the 29 Nov1902 when he registered the birth of his son Reginald (my daddy). Martin had 10 children and Frank is still alive at 94 but cannot remember anything of his grandfather sadly not even a name but can give every last detail of the various stops on S M Rly and B N Rly!!  He still lives in Calcutta with his daughter Valerie and family as at 2001).


Elizabeth MASSEY married HUNTER then O'LEARY and had three sons: 

  1. Edward 

  2. Alfred and 

  3. George.

Jessica MASSEY married a frenchman Jules GAMBON (I think the name Gambon was later pronounced Gambian) - they had 3 daughters and 2 sons: 

  1. Rose, 

  2. Maud, (I believe Maud was Maudie RICHARDS).

  3. Olga  and 

  4. Lewin and  

  5. Herbert 

Next Generation

Reginald MASSEY married Nora Mary Eileen MABY (born Mitcham, England), then married Barbara Angela MANUEL (all three now dec'd), children: 

  1. June Nora MASSEY(born London Uk), 

  2. Margaret Eve MASSEY(born Kharagpur, BNR, died aged 10 yrs), 

  3. John Reginald Brian MASSEY (born London, England 1/12/1939, died aged 19 yrs)

Frank MASSEY married Meada D'SILVA, daughter: 

  1. Valerie MASSEY

Valerie MASSEY married Edwin ECCLESTON, 2 sons:   

  1. Edward and 

  2. Nigel

Gwen MASSEY married cousin Edward (Sunny) O'LEARY, children : 

  1. Ted, 

  2. Joyce

Eric MASSEY married  Caroline ?  , children : 

  1. Louise MASSEY, 

  2. Peter MASSEY

June MASSEY married Jack Goundrill BROWN (now dec'd) no children.

Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you for reading my message,  June Brown, East Yorkshire, UK



Info from Alister BREDEE

Gerald MASSEY married Cynthia BREDEE in India (?). The marriage ended in divorce and Cynthia re-married Stafford Cripp's nephew "Chips" during the war, and later moved to New Zealand in 1964 where she died, children:

  1. Dunham MASSEY

  2. Lynn MASSEY


info supplied by Jennifer MASSEY
Thomas Shaw MASSEY married Racheal ?, children :

  1. Harold Roosevelt MASSEY

Next Generation

Harold Roosevelt MASSEY married Jennifer Ann SMITH, children : 

  1. Gerald Jude MASSEY (33 yrs-Married), 

  2. Rosalind Anita Nereus(31yrs-Married), 

  3. Gillian Maria MASSEY (28yrs-Married), 

  4. Marcus Anthony MASSEY (24 yrs), 

  5. Andrea Racheal MASSEY (16 yrs).

Next Generation

Gillian Maria MASSEY married ?? D'CRUZ

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