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info from Christopher Dias caprichris@gmail.com

? LOWE married ??, children:

  1. Yvonne Marie Lowe

Next Generation

Yvonne Marie LOWE from Bangalore married Ralph Aloysious DIAS from Ernakulum, children:

  1. Christopher Dias


info from Delphine  millicentpratap@netscape.net

?? LOWE married ??, children:

  1. Sinclair Lowe (Sunny)

Next Generation

Sinclair (Sunny) LOWE married Helen Rachel JORDAN . Their children are


Next Generation

Lena LOWE married Eugene ROBERTS,

Malcolm LOWE married Norah SCOTT (Kolar Goldfields),

May LOWE married Norman BAKER , Children:

  1. William Owen BAKER 

  2. Kenneth Norman BAKER  

  3. Donald BAKER 

  4. Leonard Keith BAKER.

Sinclair LOWE married Gladys WAYTES,

Lionel LOWE married ?? in Hyderabad.



info from gladysanthony@rogers.com

I would like to get in touch with any children of my Uncle Joe who, we last knew had gone to Pakistan. 
I would also like to get in touch with children of my Aunt May and Aunt Ruby, whom we last knew to be in Bhasawal, India.  My mother, Ivy, lived in Dhanbad as a young girl and went to school at Dr. Graham's Homes in Darjeeling. Gladys Anthony.

I am a member of the Anglo-Indian Association here in Toronto, Canada. 

?? LOWE married ??, children:

  1. Florence Lowe

Next Generation

Florence LOWE married Henry NAILER, children:

  1. Ivy Constance Nailer (born 14/1/1914 Allahabad, India. Lived in Dhanbad as a young girl and went to school at Dr. Graham's Homes in Darjeeling.
  2. Arnold Nailer
  3. Joe Nailer
  4. May Nailer
  5. Ruby Nailer


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