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? DIAS married ??, children:

  1. John Dias (b 1865)

Next Generation

John DIAS (b 1865) in 1893 married Cecilia JAHANS (b 1872 daughter of Joshua Jahans), children:

  1. Alfred Dias

Next Generation

Alfred DIAS in 1926 at Calcutta married Joscelyn D'SANTOS (b.1909 Calcutta), son

  1. Eugene DIAS (b.1933 Calcutta)


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? DIAS married ??, children:

  1. Ralph Aloysious Dias

Next Generation

Ralph Aloysious DIAS from Ernakulum married Yvonne Marie LOWE from Bangalore, children:

  1. Christopher Dias


? DIAS married ??, children:

  1. Mary Antoinette DIAS [b 1940]

Next Generation

Mary Antoinette DIAS [b 1940] in Bangalore in 1958, married Stanley Anthony Gilbert [b 1925],  children:

  1. Michael Andrew Gilbert

  2. Cheryl Irene Gilbert

  3. Wendy Perpetua Gilbert


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?? DIAS married ??, children:

  1. William Dias

Next Generation

William DIAS married Beryl PASSAGNE . Children:

  1. Gene Dias

  2. Denver Dias

  3. Felicita Dias

  4. Errol Dias

  5. Sherald Dias

Next Generation

Gene Dias married O'delia ?. Children:

  1. Kayden Dias

  2. Durwin Dias

  3. Daniela Dias

Denver Dias married Jennifer JOACHIM (24/04/82, St Boniface Church, Tooting, London, UK). Children:

  1. Abigail Dias (born 30/08/84, Hammersmith, London, UK)

  2. Christina Dias (born 25/12/87, Hammersmith, London,UK)

Felicita Dias married Ryan ROZARIO. Children:

  1. Natasha Noronha

Errol Dias married Valerie ? Children:

  1. Kimberly Dias

Sherald Dias married Carlyle PETERS (St Anslems Church, Southall, UK). Children:

  1. Vivien Peters.

Next Generation

Natasha Noronha married Russell CHESTER. Children:

  1. Chrisantha Chester

Kimberly DIAS (b1984) married Bjorn JOHNSTONE (in 2007,chennai) . Children:

  1. Zac Johnstone


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?? DIAS married ??, children:

  1. George Dias (born ?)

Next Generation

Dr.George DIAS of Bombay married -Dawn SOUCE living in Australia, 3 Daughters.

  1.  Georgina Dias (born 28.11.1976.) married Christian Derrick and now living in London

  2.  Anita Dias (b 02.09.78)

  3.  Danielle Dias (b 11.5.81)

Next Generation

Georgina DIAS (born 28.11.1976.) married Christian DERRICK and now living in London



My mother spent a few happy years of her childhood in Gangapur, at the Railway Colony, and I would like to hear from others who lived here.  Would anyone willing to share your memories, stories, pictures of the place for my mother.   Is there anyone out there who would remember her family.   They lived there in the 1930s/40s.  Family name Dias. Thanks you.  Betty Pires.  Please e-mail epires@investcorp.com



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?? DIAS married ??, children:

  1. Ernest Dias (born 25/9/1952,Jamalpur)

Next Generation

Ernest DIAS (born 25/9/1952,Jamalpur) on 22/10/1979 at St. Sacred Heart  church, Dharamtalla, Kolkata, married Colleen HALE (born 11/1/1953, Jamshedpur) , children:

  1. Candice Emiline Dias (born22/11/1980, Kolkata)

  2. Michael Ernest Dias (born04/04/85, Kolkata)

  3. Michelle Colleen Dias (born04/04/85, Kolkata)

Next Generation

Candice Emiline DIAS (born 22/11/1980, Kolkata) on 15/12/2002 at St. Ignatius Church, Ekbalpore, Kolkata, married Mark REUBEN (born 02/10/1977, Kolkata), Children:

  1. Angelina Allasandra (born 14/01/2006, Kolkata)


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?? DIAS married ??, children:

  1. Sylvia Dias

Next Generation

Sylvia DIAS married Michael BURN .They have two daughters -

  1. Rachel Burn

  2. Cheryl Burn


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Phyllis Ann DIAS married Thomas Stanley DAVIS (Taffy) ex. RAMC, WWII, children:

  1. Anthony Davis (Tony) - (b London Ontario)

  2. Marilyn Davis (Dollar)  Wembley London UK

  3. Melody Davis (Mel), Sydney Australia.

  4. Leon Davis Karachi Pakistan.

  5. Lorain Davis (Lolly) , Karachi Pakistan.

  6. Marian Davis, Karachi Pakistan

  7. Dawn Davis, Karachi Pakistan

  8. Martin Davis Karachi Pakistan

  9. Michael (Mickey) Davis, Totonto Canada

  10. Catherine Davis, Sydney Australia


(Info supplied by Dennis de LIMA d.delima@paradise.net.nz and  Heather Dias heatherd@alphalink.com.au )

Thomas Clement DIAS (died in Calicut) married Lucy Helen ROSARIO, children : 

  1. Ethel May Dias (born circa 1887, Calicut), 

  2. Alf Dias, 

  3. Kenneth Dias, 

  4. Grace Dias, 

  5. Milbank Dias, 

  6. Clothilda Dias, 

  7. Eulalia Dias, 

  8. Everett Dias.

Next Generation

Ethel May DIAS (born circa 1887, Calicut) married William Joseph BARBOSA on 10/1/1912 in Calicut RC church, children

  1. Marjorie Mary Barbosa (born5/4/1916, Calcutta, died 1978 Nacton, Suffolk UK), 

  2. Thomas Derrick Barbosa (born 15/9/1912, Calicut, died 31/12/1921, Calicut)

Milbank DIAS married Leonora McFARLANE, children

  1. Neville Dias, 

  2. Mervyn Dias, 

  3. Dorothy Dias, 

  4. Gwen Dias, 

  5. Joan Dias.

Next Generation

Neville DIAS married Evelyn D'CRUZ, Children  

  1. Nigel Dias, 

  2. Trevor Dias, 

  3. Adrian Dias, 

  4. Marlene Dias 

  5. Anna Dias

Mervyn DIAS married Pansy DALLEY. Children:

  1. Gillian Dias, 

  2. Heather Dias, 

  3. Valerie Dias 

  4. Mervyn Dias.

Dorothy DIAS married Mervyn PARKER, They had seven children:

  1. Patricia Parker 

  2. Mervyn Parker 

  3. Jean Parker, 

  4. Monica Parker, 

  5. Ronald Parker, 

  6. Gwen Parker 

  7. Rudy Parker.

Gwen DIAS married Norbert ROBERTS, children : 

  1. Clyde Roberts

  2. Bryan Roberts

Joan DIAS married Raymond SMALLER, children : 

  1. Denise Smaller, 

  2. Stephen Smaller 

  3. Karen Smaller

Next Generation

Gillian DIAS married Marcel SLADEN, Child

  1. Ashley Sladen

Heather DIAS (e-mail heatherd@alphalink.com.au ) married Dudley ALWEYN, children: 

  1. Richard Alweyn, 

  2. Wendy Alweyn, 

  3. Christopher Alweyn 

  4. Ann-Maree Alweyn


Info to be supplied by Priscilla CLEMENTS Priscilla.Clements@ggr.com.au 

 Raymond DIAS married  Ethel F AMOR, They had the following children:

  1. Celine Dias was born on 19 Sep 1936.

  2. Leonie Dias was born on 28 Mar 1938.

  3. Joseph Dias was born on 29 Jan 1939.


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Berryl DIAS of Durhamthurla St, Calcutta married Paul CORBET of Elliott Rd, Calcutta, children:

  1. S Corbet (studied at Loretta House early 1960's, living in Canada)


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