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info from Ashley Van Haeften

?? LaFRENAIS married ??, children:

  1. William Arthur LaFRENAIS

Next Generation

William Arthur LAFRENAIS on 8 May 1901 in Calicut Parochial Church, married Mary Stella Frances VAN HAEFTEN, (b. 26 Oct 1881, baptized  2 Nov 1881 in Calicut RC Church.).


info from Christine larive

?? LaFRENAIS married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Everett LaFRENAIS (Born in 1885 died in 1945)

Next Generation

Joseph Everett LaFRENAIS (Born in 1885 died in 1945) married ??, had  7 children from his 1st marriage.

Joseph Everett LaFRENAIS (Born in 1885 died in 1945) after the death of his 1st wife, married Coral Edith LONG (died in 1940) & there were 6 children from his 2nd marriage:

  1. Denzil Lafrenais

  2. Evelyn Eunice Lafrenais married ?? Fernandez

  3. Inez Edith Lafrenais married ??Jonas

  4. Helen Dorinda Lafrenais married ?? Leahy ( my mother )

  5. Raymond Alfred Lafrenais

  6. Ronald Eric Lafrenais.

Next Generation

Evelyn Eunice Lafrenais married ?? Fernandez

Inez Edith Lafrenais married ??Jonas

Helen Dorinda Lafrenais married ?? LEAHY, children:

  1. Christine Leahy


info from Linda

?? LaFRENAIS married ??, children:

  1. Joaquim Joseph LaFRENAIS (b. 1791 Tellicherry)

Next Generation

Joaquim Joseph LaFRENAIS (b. 1791 Tellicherry), in 1818 in Mahe, married Anna Maria Ignacia da SILVA b. 1800 d. 1873


Info supplied by Doreen Jonas

?? LaFRENAIS married ??, children:

  1. Charles LaFRENAIS

Next Generation

Dr. Charles  LAFRENAIS (born South India) married Helen/Dorinda CARVALHO, 7 children from this marriage.


info submitted by Maria Parkes and Kevin La Frenais 

(My great grandfather was Charles and Anna they had three sons that I know of, Charles, Daniel & Robert. Previously lived in Karachi, Pakistan, Mom and Dad met in India, Pondicherry, Callacut and Agra is where my mom grew up. Bye for now, Maria Parkes.)


?? LaFRENAIS married ??, children:

  1. Charles LaFRENAIS

Next Generation

Charles LaFRENAIS married Anna ??, children:

  1. Charles LaFrenais

  2. Daniel LaFrenais

  3. Robert LaFrenais

Next Generation

Daniel LaFRENAIS married Clara ??, children:

Next Generation

Joselyn LaFRENAIS married Ethel ?, children :

  1. Percy LaFrenais 

  2. Reuben LaFrenais  

  3. Harold LaFrenais  

  4. Helma LaFrenais  

  5. Olga LaFrenais   

  6. Joselyn LaFrenais   

  7. Arnold LaFrenais (who apparently disappeared, no one knew where he went to).

Next Generation

Percy LaFRENAIS married Queenie ? (a lady from BUSRA , IRAQ), children: 

  1. George LaFrenais 

  2. Ken LaFrenais  

  3. Cliff LaFrenais  

  4. Mary LaFrenais  

  5. Peggy LaFrenais  

  6. Rita LaFrenais  

  7. Michael LaFrenais .( ALL LIVE IN CALIFORNIA .)

Reuben LaFRENAIS married ??, children:

  1. Flo LaFRENAIS (married and now lives in WALES.)  

Reuben LaFRENAIS married (2nd marriage) ?, 2 children :

  1. Daphne LaFrenais 

  2. Harold LaFrenais 

Helma LaFrenais married ?? (LOTS OF KIDS IN ENGLAND.)

Olga LaFrenais  married ?? (LOTS OF KIDS IN ENGLAND )

Joselyn LaFRENAIS married Ethel DSOUZA and had 8 children:

  1. Terrence LaFrenais  born 1935 died 1999.  

  2. Dorothy LaFrenais  born 1940  

  3. Valerie LaFrenais  

  4. Hermoine LaFrenais 

  5. Rudolph LaFrenais

  6. Judy Ann LaFrenais 

  7. Andre LaFrenais  

  8. Maria LaFrenais   

Next Generation

Michael LaFrenais (one of Percy's children) married Patricia MARTIN. They had three children:

  1. Michael LAFRENAIS (born 11/1/1952)

  2. Linda LAFRENAIS (born 15/10/1956)

  3. Adrienne LAFRENAIS (born 5/11/1968)

Daphne LaFRENAIS (b ? d 1993) married Frank GANTZER (b ? d 1974) Perth, Australia, Children:

  1. Jeffrey Gantzer (married Jennifer Braganza They have no children)

  2. Dana Gantzer (married Stephen Hawkes. They have 3 children, Lana Hawkes, Jolene Hawkes, Rebecca Hawkes)

  3. Bernadette Gantzer (Married Peter Lhota, they have 1 child, Jessica)

  (info from Dana Hawkes )

Harold LaFRENAIS married Violet ? and had 7 children: 

  1. Flo LaFrenais - Married Wales Gentleman living in Wales

  2. Mitzi LaFrenais - Married an Englishman, both passed away, they have 2 boys living in Australia

  3. Noel LaFrenais - Single living in canada

  4. Laurence LaFrenais - Passed away

  5. Rhoda LaFrenais - Married American (who recently passed away) living in Hawaii

  6. Shirley LaFrenais - Married living in Canada

  7. Harold LaFrenais (John) - Married with 5 kids  living in Australia.

Maria LaFRENAIS married ? PARKES

Next Generation

Michael LAFRENAIS (b1952) married Mignon LAGRO (first marriage) and had one child:

  1. Ashley LAFRENAIS (b1974).

Michael LAFRENAIS married Kimberly VANDENBERGH (second marriage) and two children:

  1. Jared LAFRENAIS (born 9/1/1980),

  2. Jason LAFRENAIS (born 18/2/1986)

Harold La FRENAIS (John) married Rita ?, children : 

  1. Christine LaFrenais  - married 2 kids

  2. Deborah LaFrenais  - Married 2 Kids

  3. Edna LaFrenais

  4. Nicholas LaFrenais  - Deceased 1999

  5. Kevin LaFrenais - Married

Next Generation


All here in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada since 1967.


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