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info from Linda

?? CARVALHO married ??, children:

  1. Mariana Hertor Silveria Carvalho (b. 1773 d. 1813)

Next Generation

Mariana Hertor Silveria CARVALHO (b. 1773 d. 1813) married Joao da SILVA, a Merchant,. They had two children. Looking for confirmation of other children born to this couple.:

  1. Anna Maria Ignacia da SILVA b. 1800 d. 1873 m. 1818 Mahe Joaquim Joseph LaFRENAIS b. 1791 Tellicherry

  2. Joachim Marcus da SILVA b. 1796 b. Caroline BROWN b. circa 1792 d/o Murdoch BROWN of Tellicherry.  Joachim was the Chief of Police in Mahe.


info from Mr B D'Costa

?? CARVALHO married ??, children:

  1. Adrienne Eudea CARVALHO

Next Generation

Adrienne Eudea CARVALHO from Calcutta married Hilary Aloysius D'COSTA (b ?, d January 1983 in Chennai India). They had 8 children. Adrienne D'Costa resides with her children in Australia.:

  1. Monica Alice D'Costa

  2. Derek Anthony D'Costa

  3. Clarissa Elizabeth D'Costa

  4. Bruce Conrad D'Costa

  5. Ian Hilary D'Costa

  6. Loretta Genevieve Geraldine D'Costa

  7. Christine Maria D'Costa

  8. Paul Anthony D'Costa (remains a bachelor in Cairns Australia)


Info supplied by Doreen Jonas

?? CARVALHO married ??, children:

  1. Helen/Dorinda CARVALHO

Next Generation

Helen/Dorinda CARVALHO married Dr. Charles LAFRENAIS (born South India), 7 children from this marriage.


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