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Info supplied by Gilbert Raymond  gilr@paradise.net.nz  and Yvette yvettegiftoflight@smartchat.net.au

Eleuterio D'ARACHY, born about 1796, married, about 1818 (1st Marriage) to Frances, Children

  1. William D'Arachy (born about 1819), 

  2. Maria Anthonia D'ARACHY (born abt 1820)

  3. Porcena Francisca D'ARACHY (born about 1822)

Eleuterio D'ARACHY married 10 May 1824, Black Town, Madras (2nd. marriage) to Adriana Helen BEEKMAN, born about 1806, died 23 February 1828. Children:

  1. Louisa Maria D'ARACHY, born about 1825, married Christopher PEREIRA,

  2. Anthony John D'ARACHY, born about 1827

Eleuterio D'ARACHY, born about 1796, married 21 September 1829 (3rd. marriage) to Marcella Delphine MORAIS, born June 1808, died 9 October 1840. Children:

  1. Jane Celestina D'Arachy (born circa 1831, died 13/6/1900)

  2. Harriet Emma D'Arachy (born circa 1832)

  3. Charles Thomas D'Arachy (born circa 1833)

  4. Augusta Eliza D'Arachy

  5. Jessie Anastasia D'Arachy

  6. Marcella Alexandrina D'Arachy (10/3/1838 - 19/8/1839)

  7. Alfred Henry Octavius D'Arachy (baptised 29/7/1840)

  8. Amelia Delphina D'Arachy (baptised 29/7/1840)

Next Generation

William D'ARACHY (born about 1819), married about 1845, (1st Marriage) to UNKNOWN. 

William D'ARACHY (born about 1819) married 21 September 1863,   Black Town, Madras (2nd. Marriage) to Victoria ROSS, born about 1836.

Jane Celestina D'ARACHY (born circa 1831, died 13/6/1900) married John Anthony MUNIS

Harriet Emma D'ARACHY (born circa 1832)  married 26 May 1858 to John Alexander PROVIDENCE

Charles Thomas D'ARACHY (born about 1833, married 21 November 1860 (1st. Marriage) to Sarah SMITH (born 28 July 1840, died 3 December 1862), 

Charles Thomas D'ARACHY , 2nd marriage on 28 October 1863, Vepery,  Madras,  to Caroline FIELD ROSS, born about 1843.

Augusta Eliza D'ARACHY, married 26 November 1851 to John Valentino COLKERS.

Jessie Anastasia D'ARACHY, born about 1836, married  26 September 1855, Madras, to Henry RAYMOND, born about 1823. Children:

  1. Willoughby Appleton RAYMOND, bapt. 11 Sept 1873,   St. John's, George Town, Madras.

Marcella Alexandrina D'ARACHY (10/3/1838 - 19/8/1839,  bapt. 10 July 1838,   buried 19 July 1839, St. Thome, Madras).

Alfred Henry Octavius D'ARACHY (French, born 1842 baptised 25 March 1839, Madras) married Rose Angelina COLKERS (Dutch, dob 1847) @ St Johns Madras on 15/9/1862. . they had 13 children - only 2 survived. My g/g/mother Letitia married Edward D'CRUZ. Yvette

  1. Letitia D'Arachy



Amelia Deplhina D'ARACHY, baptised 29 July 1840, married 22 May 1856 to Pascal Lewis DREVAN

Next Generation

Maria Anthonia D'ARACHY (born abt 1820), married to Anthony Joseph MORAES

Porcena Francisca D'ARACHY (born about 1822), married Barnaby VAZ.

Letitia D'ARACHY married Edward D'CRUZ, children:


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